Friday, February 28, 2014

Here I go again!

I used to be so good about documenting our lives. I am, after all, a professional photographer - I SHOULD be good at it!

I got such satisfaction in jotting down various happenings around our house and keeping a general record of our family.
I never had anything super interesting to post about, but it was fun to look back at the end of the years and see what we had been all about.

I turned all of those blog posts into beautiful books for each of the kids that I have no doubt will be cherished. But I stopped doing it. I don't know why - but I quit back in Dec. 2011.

I found one of those blog books recently and had such a great time reading it, that I decided I need to get going again.
So much has happened and I have relied on Facebook to document it. I know that is how most people share their lives, but I like the blog idea too.

I want more than just a few books - so here I am!

Feel free to read through - or not. I promise I will never say anything particularly insightful or fascinating, because I'm really just posting photos and writing a few words of explanation for my families sake.
I Will, however try to keep up with it this time - for a while anyway!

The next SEVERAL posts are of the quick catch up variety, so please excuse their random nature!


 So at the end of January, my mom called and said 
"Hey - i want to surprise your brother with a visit for his birthday - want to come?"
So I packed a bag and off we went!
It took us 2 days and another morning to get there because of car trouble - we ended up stranded on the side of the road a few times! We visited with Steve, Mark and his friends for a couple of days and then we headed to Virginia to see Maggie for a few days! Its was such a fun girlie road trip!

Birthday dinner!
Hands down, the best pizza place on the planet! Vinnie Van Gogo's in Savannah

a very Mature evening in Savannah with Mark, Steve, Nana and Steve's friends Robin and Sharron! 

Happy Birthday, Steve!

My oldest brother and my niece, Mimi!

Mark and my nephew, Midas!

Steve used to work at a coffee house that has since closed down - these are all of the ladies who were regulars there. They have remained friends and gather for breakfast every week - mom and I had such fun joining them! I like to call them Steve and Marks Harem
Shopping in Lexington with Nana and Maggie! Beautiful, aren't they?!

Its a good thing…

… that we have lights, and backdrops and cameras to keep this bunch entertained! 
i will say - we usually end up with nothing but stupid photos when they get together - but this time, we actually ended up with some nice ones. I only posted a few of the crazy's here - just trust me, there were hundreds!

Stephanie, Matt, Maggie & Tim - with a little bit of Jamie thrown in!

Christmas Break 2013 Mash-Up

We do a lot of SnapChat communicating. On this day, she told me she had a ton of studying to do for her finals. Then, I get this snap - I'm not sure that is what studying looks like. College life, i guess! 
another snap!
Maggie's flight landed at midnight - that put her home about 1:30. Tim had school the next day so he had to go to bed - she found this on her bed when she arrived

Christmas Eve Jammies!

A quick little session in order to get a good shot of all of them, so they could have a big wall canvas made for Nana! This was the photo they chose.

Maggie just had her hair cut into bangs! She isn't sure if she loves them yet

So glad to get to church and reunite with Carlie! 

Finally able to have a kitchen to bake in! One of the things she misses most about home

Yum! Purple Cow burgers! Maggie likes hers with a fried egg on top - gross

Our tradition is that Daddy reads the Night Before Christmas story and the kids take turns reading the Nativity story. 

Crepe paper Christmas balls from Nana may be their favorite part of the holidays! They are always filled with trinkets and useless junk - its more about the fun of unrolling them!

Im so happy that Steph and Matt decided to spend Christmas with us this year! Steph is my only niece on my side of the family - its just her and my kids. We didn't really multiply much! So, now that she is married - there are four cousins- four who are close like siblings. Its awesome!

Waking up Tim on Christmas morning!

Waiting on the stairs with hot chocolate - can't wait to see what Santa left!

a quick after Christmas trip to Gilmer to visit Tommy's side of the family!
Matt and I crafted!

A few of us in front of Tommy's parents house! Their house is literally famous for all of the music and lights that Gran has set up!
Kurt, Kyndal, Maggie, Steph, Matt, Valinda and Tommy
I love this photo - I wish everyone had been outside - its a mix of my side and tommys side!

Mag and Kyndal
Sprout was screaming one afternoon after Christmas - I came in to check on her and found this - she was caught in a jingle bell ornament!

Maggie, Jamie and Tim having a new year's dinner

Grandpa met us for a bit of Canton First Monday shopping! He was working in east texas and took a break to see Mags before driving back to San Antonio!

Her favorite dessert!

a little family fun at Shenanigans 

Don't mess with our team - we are hardcore beasts. except tommy - he may just be deranged!