Thursday, August 27, 2009

King of the Hill

Summer was full of really fun times this year, but alas, it has come to an end. Here are a few shots of the last day of summer break -2009
A friendly game of King of the Hill.
Maggie threw Tim in and quickly decided this game would be an easy win for her.

She didn't count on him being so devious.

"I love you Maggie. You are the best sister EVER!" Sweet Victory!!

Haley emerges as a strong competitor...
... but didn't consider the fierce loyalty between this brother/sister team!
Team work at it's finest!
Sharing the throne as Kings of this particular hill!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tim's Sunday Best

This was Tim's idea of "getting ready for church" last Sunday! He was very serious about heading out the door this way and had no idea why Tommy told him he looked like a dork. He is having trouble these days understanding the 'never mix stripes and plaids' rule!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mini Vacation 2009

Ok - just be warned - there are 65 pics in this blog - in no particular order. Continue only if you have some spare time on your hands!

Me, Maggie, Tim, and our friends Michael and Zack took our annual San Antonio/Corpus Christi trip a little late this year. Tommy couldn't come because of work.
We waited to celebrate Zack's 15th birthday at Nana's!
We weren't lucky enough to have a hurricane hit again this year- but we had fun anyway.

Zack opening Maggie's birthday gift!

michael, tim, maggie and zack on the way home from toobing!

maggie picking a hair out of michaels shoulder - gross!!

We visited the Wildlife Ranch, and were thrilled to be stopped by a herd of zebra!

We were able to buy pellets to feed the animals, but they didn't really seem to like it. There were strict instructions to NOT GET OUT OF THE VEHICLE - which Michael disregarded as soon as we saw a pile of hay on the roadside! He picked up the whole pile and put it in my brand new car! I did my best to remain calm!
To make matters worse, this Watusi - note the huge horns - liked Michaels hay and came within about an inch of running those horns down the side of my car as he turned to walk away!

We all know how much Maggie wants a pig, right? She liked this cute one!

It was a VERY hot day - so the icees at the cafe' were extra yummy!

Padre Island
Michaels pajama hair
Tim, zack and grandpa spent a morning looking through grandpas knife collection
San Antonio Riverwalk
We stopped at the Rivercenter Mall to wait for my niece, Stephanie. We got a little bored and started making faces as we passed the camera around the table!
first up - Nana and Pa
next, Zack, Me and Maggie
Michael and Tim
Nana and Michael
Steph and Michael
Me, Steph, Nan and Mag
Nana and Pa's grandchildren

mocking the "my space face"

Stephanie's baby won't start! (now that it's finally paid for!)
Notice the 'Men to the rescue" in the background! heeheehee
I just thought this scene was funny!
Speaking of funny - little Gus knew he was in trouble when Michael stepped in this business!
Michael didn't do so well on the ferry ride to Port Aransas!
Tim trying to work up the nerve to do flips on the giant rubberband!

Port Aransas again - Zack had just been hit with a big glob of wet sand!
He should have never started that game with Maggie - Tim, of'course would join her side!
Nana had a heart attack scare recently and we are so glad that she was feeling up to coming with us for this leg of our trip!
doesn't Maggie look like a 5 year old in this pic? I like it!
Digging a whole to make a 'sand chair' for Nana! It took all day, but somehow never got finished!
Tiny little crab collecting - it was funny watching Tim dig them up and chase them around - they were about the size of a pebble and fast as lightening! He had three in the bucket at the time of this pic
it looks like she's holding on for dear life! Probably because the water was so gross!

Gus liked the 'laying on the beach' part of the day much more than the 'playing in the water' part!

I KNOW! Can you believe I let my kid lay in that nasty brown water? I LOVE THE GULF!!!
it was REALLY cold in the elevator!
me and tim back at the hotel pool - aahhh, cleaner water!
my handsome fish-boy!
Michael throwing Tim into the pool - and nearly throwing his back out too!
playing in the halls of the hotel
in the water again - didn't they just get out?
No matter how many times I said, "put sunscreen on", they just didn't listen.
Consequence stinks!! Bahahaha!
Spraying on the solarcain didn't offer much relief, either!
Spa day!!!
Michael going in for his massage
We took up the whole row of pedi chairs!
Tim relaxing and playing his game while getting his pedi!
mani's and pedi's all around!

Toobing on the Comal River - my personal favorite thing to do! We went on our first day of vacation and again on our last day. I could go every day!

Ok - so Michael IS NOT naked in this picture! He was floating through very shallow water and was lifting up his backside to avoid hitting the rocks - in his light beige swim trunks! Funniest picture of the whole trip if you ask me!
smart enough to walk the shallow part!

me and my gang! We missed you Tommy - please come with us next year!
My brother David and Diane
A crazy storm came through while we were on the river (no repeat of last year's hurricane dolly, but still big winds and rain!) We jumped to the banks to wait for the rain to slow and the kids built a toob fort!
Maybe more pics to come once I develop the other underwater camera - if they are any good. Also, stay tuned for a funny video of Michael!
We have made a sad, yet exciting decision - we are tired of this same trip each year - so next summer...Vero Beach, Florida - here we come! Maybe Tommy will take off of work for that one! Our fingers are crossed!