Saturday, August 30, 2014


It was time for a new pair of glasses for Tim - I LOVED his old pair, but he wanted something different. He chose these - I'm not sure that I love them, but he does - Nerdy must be the way to go these days!

Friday, August 29, 2014

He has arrived!!!!

Ethan is finally here!

everyone waiting
Matt's mom Donna, Stephi's parents Diane and David (my brother), Great grandparents to be Nana and Grandpa

great grandpa pacing

high fives for courage!

my brother - now a GRANDPA!

putting down my camera for a minute!

Monday, August 25, 2014

third semester drop off

Well she has to go back - she moved into a new place - out of the dorms into a private room!

this is what her new room looked like when she arrived

her resident advisor from the dorms was happy to see her!

her car was PACKED!


the view from school

main hall

Durham - where her classes are held

not thrilled to pick up her books

her new diggs

her room is the open door

her room after move-in

Friday, August 15, 2014

Man, I love these two!

the matching hats were an accident i think

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Because I like them

Thanks to social media - primarily Instagram - I see these little quotes several times throughout my day. If I like it - I screen shot it. Sometimes my kids text them to me. Here are a few - There will be more! 

Just photos

Maggie was asked to a throw back skating party - she looked great! You can't see the whole outfit, but the tall socks and roller skates really made the outfit!

and this photo was taken to send to a girl from our ward who had gotten hurt in a rock climbing accident as a get well pic (Tim in the center)
These are most of the youth of our ward right now!

Sis. McBride, Sis. White. Ben Gilbert, Grant Gilbert, Sarah Irvin, Hannah Monzingo, Taylor Whitley, Kenny Hainey, Brandon Ruiz, Daniel Monzingo, Joy McBride, Taylor Flaishans, Lexsi Anderson, Cydnee McBride, Natalie White, Tim Wright, Libby White, Emma Barrett, Hunter Flaishans, Sis. Henry, Andrew Robertson, Morgan Ruiz