Thursday, October 28, 2010

a new perspective - maybe

So I was enlightened a little bit the other morning -

we had the kind of morning where things were not going according to schedule, and it ended up with Tim heading off to school with no belt (a dress code violation for which he received three days of no recess - dumb if you ask me), a very wrinkled, just out of the dryer oxford shirt and wet, unbrushed hair. He may or may not have brushed his teeth - i forgot to check!

after i got him dropped off, i came back to realize that it was picture day!

so I quickly brushed my own teeth, changed out of my p.j's and headed back to school, armed with a brush and hair gel - could never find the belt - we have since bought two more so that we can avoid ''ridiculous recess restriction'' in the future

As I was heading into the school, a little girl was also running in - she was probably about 7 years old. Cute as a button too! She got about half way to the door and realized that she was going to be tardy.

She stopped dead in her tracks and went into full panic mode. She had clearly never been tardy before.

As she walked back to her mom's car for advice, her mother starts SCREAMING at her to go inside. She continued screaming at the top of her lungs - cussing at her, calling her stupid, etc.
I was outraged - I am SO not confrontational, but I couldn't let it go.

I walked over and asked her to stop yelling at her kid - when she ignored me (or didn't hear me over her own screeching voice) I matched her tone and insisted that she get a hold of herself and treat her child with a little more respect.

I then helped the cutie inside, and trying to ignore her tears, in my most cheery voice, assured her that it was going to be ok - i just knew it! After she left the office with her tardy slip, I reported the incident to the office ladies. They were completely unaffected. Just acted like I was upset about the sky being blue!

I was kind of perplexed - I went home thinking about that girl and how her mom made her feel - what a terrible woman she is.

Then I realized that I am that mother.

I don't curse at Tim, but I do lose my patience. Especially in the mornings. I tried to remember if I had yelled at him to find his belt, or brush his hair, or put on an ironed shirt that very morning. Sad thing is - I can't remember - probably because my impatience with him is routine.

How can I look into these big beautiful eyes and make him feel however he must feel when I am yelling at him. I certainly don't like to be talked to in an ugly way - It makes me feel little.

I am going to try to remember that mean mom and myself, and our scary similarities everyday - every moment.
Tim is a good boy, a perfect person and he deserves my love and respect always. My mom NEVER yelled at me. Ever. That stands out to me when I think of her. I want that memory for Tim.

on a side note - this is his gross, cool blood blister. it's on his shin. notice his hairy little legs. these will be "man" legs before i know it!
he is growing up - his life is moving fast and i need to make sure to love everyday with him - no matter how much patience it takes.

Carve 'em up and light em' on fire!

I don't know about you, but in our house, we LOVE Halloween!

We especially love carving the pumpkins!
We don't really do anything fancy, just plain old jack o' lantern faces are our favorite.

Take a look:

maggie, justin, and tim all in deep crafty concentration.
This is very serious business.

notice Tims lights in the background? he worked really hard setting those up! Tim did most of our decorating this year - it looks awesome. The inside has a cool halloween tree, and spider & pumpkin lights outline our down stairs windows! I think he may have found his calling!


tommy thinks that just because he put a knife in his pumpkin, that it qualifies as scary...

then he saw how scared i was holding my pumpkin - and he learned what 'frightening' REALLY is!

Justin's is on fire!!

Tim didn't exactly follow the lines he originally drew on his pumpkin - but i think it is much more creepy this way!

Maggie's 5 eyed masterpiece!

tim setting fire to pumpkin parts - he tried to light up EVERYTHING!
He should be a pyromaniac for halloween!

tommy and jenni
we are a cute couple, huh?!

Yummy roasted seeds!
(tip - the big, coarse black pepper was the key to delicious seeds this year)

The Wright's
We were SO SCARED by all of these jack o' lanterns!
Even little Charlie looks terrified!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Forney Drifters

Soccer is almost over for the season :(

A few shots from todays rainy game:

coach gavin, jesse, phillip, tim, dillon, adam, coach bobby, hasheem,
evan, luke, tyler, jonathan, zack & daniel

don't try to get a ball past this goal keeper - or you'll encounter this ugly face!

daddy doesn't ever sit during the games - he should get paid to be the line judge!

maggie was cold and wet!

tim had a celebratory gatorade poured on his head!

Queens Ball

In east Texas every year, they have a Yamboree!
This is a HUGE deal - and a Queen is crowned.
Our niece, Lindsey, was nominated to be the queen this year,
and she invited Maggie and Justin to attend the Queens Ball.

We all drove out to watch the Coronation Ceremony, and
I snapped a few pics at the ball before leaving the kids to dance it up!

Maggie and her handsome escort, Justin

Rebecca, Lindsey and Maggie
(they missed you, Summer!)

Tommy and his little sister, Brenda

Papa and a few of his girls

What a pimp - with all of his ladies!

Brenda and her husband, Keith

It was a crazy long night - we left for Gilmer at 5:00p.m
& got back into town at just before 4:00a.m!
Boy, were we tired out!

It was well worth it though - Lindsey looked so beautiful in her sparkling coronation gown, Rebecca was a stunner in her long red dress,
& Maggie and Justin were a perfect pair in their silver and black.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Maggie played in her first golf tournament this week!

She played on the Old course at Firewheel in Garland.

They played a full 18 hole game, and she scored a 112 - she was less than thrilled.

I baked her a"Yay - You are a Golfer" cake to mark the occasion!

What was left after Michael and Maggie sat down with the cake to chat!

(Just as a side note - Michael and Maggie have been friends for a very long time - since way back when he was her primary teacher - i think she was probably only 8 or 9 years old!
I'll have to dig up a cute pic that I have of the two of them from back then!
He is family at this point!)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Can a BluRay disk get worn out?

Maybe I should buy an extra copy just in case - I have a feeling the kids might need it for this particular movie!

halloween prep

FHE this week was getting down halloween decorations and putting them out - then a little baking to end the evening.

tim getting out the spider webbing - its awfully close to Christmas - he is a scary St. Nick

what is more scary - my 10 year old teetering on the shaky ladder, or the gross spider?

tommy did his part by holding the supplies and making faces

Once it got too dark to do anymore outdoor decorating, we headed inside for treats:

justin frosting his pumpkin shaped cake - he chose NOT to use a decorator bag or tips to embellish, just a knife!

maggie claimed the haunted house - it came out of the box smashed, so they were piecing it back together the best that they could!

tommy turned on a little MC Hammer - Can't touch this - Tim says "Stop, Hammer time!"
He ALWAYS gets distracted by his need to dance!

pretty sure there is a pumpkin face in there somewhere!

a ninja turtle pumpkin and an almost finished house - not bad considering it was once a smashed to bits house!

Hahahaha!! Watch out justin!

Acorns and Golf Clubs

So, evidently if you want to get acorns out of a mesquite tree (huh?) all you need is a golf club and a good swing!

a little "magic twirling" of the club gives it just the power it needs to knock them all down!

Unfortunately, i came out to snap a picture too late - this is what was left of the acorns from the mesquite tree (again, huh?) that COVERED the trampoline!
I guess the jumping hurts a little more than previously thought when you have bare feet!
They got brushed off pretty quickly!

Some of their treasure from the day!

Let me just say - for those who feel like video games and media have taken over your kids lives, and wonder what happened to the good old days when a kid was happy with a box or a simple jump rope to play with - this is the answer - a magic club and a little nice weather!
Tim and his friends were at it ALL DAY - seriously, from just after breakfast until dark!
Love those Mesquite Tree Acorns!