Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Mush

Thanksgiving break was mostly quiet around here - a few friends, a few movies and games, and tons of relaxing! (I have read 5 books in this past week alone!)
Here are some of the pics that I randomly shot - nothing great, in no particular order.
Just a Thanksgiving Mush of shots.
Unfortunately, there are more of Mag - Tim is very sly, and always manages to get himself just out of my shot right before I snap the pic! Maggie on the other hand, indulges me a lot more!

mag and a few friends
with Leighana

with Camie, Leighana and Scottie

Mag, Cam and Leighana on the roof of the barn

maggie's first flat tire

Not thrilled to wake up to that!

practicing her parking in the high school lot

Tim is NOT happy to be along for the ride!

just chillin' while she waits for a friend

Our unconventional Thanksgiving Dinner!!
We decided to spend the holiday alone this year - and enjoy the quiet!
Since we didn't have anyone to please but ourselves, we all had our favorites - as opposed to a traditional feast. We did have a Ham and some of the sides that go along with it too.
My homemade vegan potstickers and ponzu sauce - YUMMY!!!

Tommy made red beans and rice!

Tim chose his favorite Chicken Pillows!

and Maggie made Cheesy, garlic mashed potatoes.

Actually, she boiled them too long and ended up with Cheesy, garlic mashed potato soup - It was still delicious!

We played A LOT of Skip Bo

looking a bit smug - he ALWAYS wins!

Tim on a roll - throwing those cards down one right after the other!

Zacks lucky hand!

Mag and Zack WOULD NOT take a decent pic - They have been friends too long - they have become too much alike! I kept trying, but finally gave up - jerks.

Time to put up Christmas lights outside!

Tommy gave Tim the Sucker job - untangling each strand!

Yep - he loves that job!!

Proud of herself for climbing up and touching the roof - the girl Loves roller coasters and danger, but hates ladders! Weird!

BFF Haley and maggie made it to the roof!!

trying to look cool - but really terrified of falling!

tommy hanging lights - he's not scared at all - which scares me! I'd be more comfortable if he had a little fear, for safety's sake!

at last - feeling brave!

I just thought this pic was funny! I guess she must have been pulling up her pants?

My kids - I LOVED having them home for a whole week!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon!!!!

In keeping with the
"TWILIGHT - go sit on the floor at the theatre for six hours with a bunch of crazy fans until the midnight showing starts, with awesome t-shirts, games, prizes, snacks and fun -TRADITION", we did all of that for the opening of New Moon.

Our devotion was rewarded with a movie that we all liked better than the first in the series! The color was better, the acting was better and the
Jacob being shirtless for most of the movie was MUCH better!

My THANKS go out to my friends for going with me to see this silly movie, to Stephenie Myers for writing a fun book series, to the casting director for choosing Taylor Lautner and mostly - my APOLOGIES go out to Taylor's mother for the sort of inappropriate thoughts that we all had when we watched her HOT son on the big screen!

Can't wait to do it a third time in June!

maggie, me and haley sporting our Jacob shirts

tammy, me, stef and jacob
(Yep - he's totally climbing on me there in the middle-
a bit awkward, but Tommy is cool with it)

waiting in line - don't know which hour we were into here

mag and haley - ok, it's starting to get late

Sara has finally arrived! - she chose to NOT go with a super cool t-shirt - I felt bad that I made one for everyone but her. I told her we would shun, mock and ridicule her for that choice, however Tammy thought it was a better idea to make her a 'LAME" badge. So here she is with her bandana - it reads, "I'm the lame one without a tee shirt"

homemade coloring books to help pass the time!

the last page is me - it says, "jacob and edward are really fighting over me"
Carlie turned me into a clown - i'm pretty sure it means she's jealous of me

Carlie won second place in the 'facts about Edward & Jacob' game
(silly putty with edward's face)

Stefanie won first prize with Jacob's face!
PLEASE click on photo to enlarge -the popcorn stuck in her teeth is well worth the click!

We really got the crowd going! I'm sure the ushers were glad to see our bunch leave!

Tammy made super yummy Vampire bitten cupcakes...

and "puppy chow" served in "doggy bags"!
Get it? - Jacob is a werewolf!!!

Only moments before midnight - Maggie has never been one to stay up late!
She did wake up and last through the whole movie - who wouldn't?
It was AWESOME!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Maggie's New Car!!!

No - sadly, it's not the Challenger.
Tommy actually decided to get the Challenger for her - he made an offer, we went out and test drove it, but we both just didn't feel good about it. It was just not practical. Needless to say, Maggie was bummed.

That sad attitude was quickly changed when her daddy drove up in her new 2010 Nissan Altima!!!

Congratulations Maggie!! You have a brand new car!!! YAY!!!

This is a quick video of Maggie and a couple of friends enjoying the sound system. As she doesn't yet have a license, I have a feeling she will be spending a lot of time sitting in the driveway just like this!