Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tonsils, BE GONE!!

Maggie has had problems with her throat for a while now - we got to the doctors office and he took one look in her mouth and said "Wow, those need to come out"
So - as soon as her schedule allowed - she had a tonsillectomy. We anticipated that it would be routine, but it has not exactly gone according to plan. A trip to the ER for IV fluids and a morphine drip put her back on track though.

These are photos of the pre-op questionnaire. Click to make them bigger so you can see how seriously she was taking this whole thing - I am betting that no one at the hospital even reads these forms!

a couple photos before...

and a couple after.

It has been exactly one week now, and she still feels terrible - however, she didn't throw up all day and has had some solid food - YAY FOR OATMEAL AND SCRAMBLED EGGS!!!
Thanks so much to everyone who has sent cards, brought gifts of balloons, shakes, pudding, monkeys and baskets of treats, and especially those who have paid her a quick visit. She has terrific friends!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Haleys sweet 16!

For BFF haley's 16th birthday - Maggie threw her a surprise party. Haleys parents funded it, Mags planned it and Tommy and Haleys dad drove the boats - It was really fun!

storming the car... "SURPRISE!!!"

Maggie and the birthday girl!

Mag & Carlie

Trey, Maggie, Tyler, Zak, Jonah, Laney, Haley and Carlie


Carlie, Haley, Mags & Zak
who is about to fall off?

NOT Mag & Zak!

I believe only Maggie and Jonah survived this round!

Mags & Devante

That was one delicious cake!

Birthday girl and Tommy!

Maggie and Ben

Mags and Scotty

The whole gang - minus Laney (she had to leave early)

EFY San Antonio

Maggie spent a week at EFY
(especially for youth) in San Antonio.
She stayed in a dorm at Trinity University.
She attended some WONDERFUL, LIFE CHANGING gospel classes and
loved every minute of it!

some of the kids from our stake who attended

Maggie and her roommate, Leighana, checking out their dorm - this was their scary, dark shower!

all of the kids from Dallas East Stake who attended this year -
Leighana, Lexi, Daniel, Maggie, Brooke, Angelia, Alexis and Hunter
photo taken just as I dropped them off - as they were headed out to their first meeting!

This was the best thing Maggie could have done this summer - her testimony grew by leaps and bounds and she came back ready to make some big life changing decisions. She learned to be true to herself and make the gospel a priority. If only she could have that EFY experience all year round!
For more cute pics from EFY - check her facebook page!


It has been years since we made homemade biscuit donuts, so we decided that would be a good idea for breakfast on this morning! Tim didn't think it was as fun as the rest of us did, but he sure liked eating them!

while maggie was away -

Tim and I went to San Antonio to visit my parents.
Swimming with Nana

off to see Transformers with Nana

He bought the coolest Venus Fly Trap - look closely at above pic - it has three flies already!

Fishing at the Lake with Nana

and Uncle Dave

Watching movies in the fort with Hunter

Waiting to see his favorite author, Rick Riorden

Tim actually got to stand and ask a question!

waiting in line with Haley for the seminar - Tim invited her to go along - it was at the Dallas Museum of Art - it was a fun morning!

A few miscellaneous posts...

...all wrapped up in one.

Haley and Maggie painting a birthday sign for Tommy!

Maggie's baby girl, Ruby

End of the Year Award Ceremony for Tim's fifth grade class
Tim is there in the middle front. He won the Social Studies Award.

Tim mowing the lawn for the very first time! He has
done it several times now, and he actually enjoys it!

Tim hanging out on the back fence, flirting with the neighbor!