Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blast from the past!

I found a disk of pics from 2008 tonight, and thought I would use them
as my blast from the past.
The first are random pics of Nana, Pa and Mag on the trampoline! Funny!

Next are pics from a quick trip to mom and dad's when Uncle Steve and Mark
came for a visit. We all gathered for the weekend to see them.

nana - the banana

maggie and mark - they were asked to leave this store!

tim and mark

tim and Pa

ok - this was super funny. dad was trying to work,
and maggie thought it would be funny to try to distract him.
She quietly hovered over him like that for a long time,
but he never paid any attention to her - just kept making his calls!

Friday, February 19, 2010

San Antonio weekend trip

We all enjoyed our recent snow days, but by day three I'd had enough fun. So, Saturday morning i thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to go south? Maybe lay on a beach for a day or two?"

The kids had the following Monday off from school, so we decided to go for it! We didn't actually hit the beach (probably too cold still) - we thought it would be good enough to go to San Antonio to visit Nana and Pa.
We were right - the weather was much nicer at their house! The kids each brought a friend, and although we didn't really do anything spectacular, it was nice to take a little road trip.

First stop - Alamo Cafe. (we did it in honor of you, Tommy!)
Stephanie, Matt, Nana, Maggie and Justin making a train as we went in to eat.

I love Justin's face here!

Tim's friend, Ben Gilbert

Starting with Matt and Tim, we went around the table snapping pictures

Tim and Ben

Ben and Nana

Maggie and Stephanie

Justin and Maggie

Nana and Jenni

Jenni and Justin. We are special.
(I am pretty certain that all of that fat around my chin, added with the pickle tongue is why Tommy married me)

"ooh baby... we're so fierce..."

"...and we are sweet, sweet angels"

"and we are redneck, with our toothpick and dirty shirt"

Nana and Pa should be proud - they have two lovely granddaughters...

...who have very mature boyfriends

Then on to the actual Alamo and the Riverwalk
everyone acting SUPER excited to see the Alamo!

Well, some did a better job acting than others...

The nasty pina colada snowcone that Pa bought - it got passed on to Ben - he threw it away!

Yep - Matt is a keeper

playing on the Riverwalk

the wind kicked up and it started to get cold

The Rivercenter mall

waiting to watch 'Lightening Thief'

Back at home, Tim went in search of a blanket and mistakenly grabbed a Christmas tree skirt!

On our way out of town - Ben wanted to stop by the Temple and take a pic for his mom. The Temple is right down the street from Nana and Pa's house!
(I love this pic of Tim!)

Before leaving San Antonio - we drove to the Guadelupe State Park and played for a minute.

the water was VERY COLD, but the boys didn't seem to mind at all!

throwing pebbles!

My bunch!