Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My little girl is 15!!!

Happy Birthday dear Maggie!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Cake

Yay! I am finally 37!! I spent a good part of last year mistakenly believing that I was already this age - so today it was nice to finally own it!
Tommy informed me that he and the kids were making me a special cake - "a robot cake", he says. I think - "OK -this should be interesting"
He presented the idea to Maggie, and this is what she came up with

the sketch

putting the robot together

YUCK - Maggie licking frosting off of her fingers...
and then smoothing out the top of the cake. (Seriously, no steps in between licking and smoothing!) Yep, I can't wait to eat this cake!

The Cake Boss is Maggie's hero!
(did anyone see the blindfold challenge episode?!)
Thanks to Tommy, Maggie and Tim - I have never had such a great cake!!
I can't wait to see what I get next year!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My best friend Jeremy - by Tim

This is my best friend, Jeremy Robertson.
Jeremy and I met when he moved into our ward a few years ago.
Jeremy and I like to play with Legos and we like to swim and get wet. We also really really love video games. Today I went over to his house and played, then when I had to go home, he got to come home with me. Then we went in the backyard and played in the sprinklers and sprayed the trampoline with water and then jumped and did tricks and kind of wrestled.

Jeremy is in the 4th grade too. He is sort of afraid of dogs because he got bit in the face by one. He is pretty nice. He has two older brothers. My sister thinks he's cool. He is supposed to move to Austin - I hope he never moves.

me and him getting SOAKED!!
me and him doing tricks - mine was the 'Criss-Cross Buckin Bronco' and the 'Knee Front Flip'. Jeremy's was 'Criss Cross Chicken Song' and he also tried my 'Knee Front Flip'.

This is what we used to look like!