Monday, May 17, 2010

a hot day

Saturday was SOOOO hot and humid outside! Tim and his friend Michaela had played outside most of the day (in jeans) and were burning up. Maggie, Haley and I helped Tommy put up the new trampoline (ours literally fell apart that morning!) and we were getting hot too, so I felt like a trip to the pool was definitely in order.

a little 'king of the hill'...

man, she was really holding her own!

then some two on two football with some of the other neighborhood kids -
Tim and Michaela were a team of course

haley and mag after a quick jump in the pool - notice their dry hair - the water was REALLY cold and they just couldn't get all the way in!

walking her home - awwww!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lindsey and Rebecca

We had a little impromptu visit from Gran, Papa and the girls last Saturday.
Yep - i took a couple of pics!

Lindsey, Maggie and Rebecca
Cousins - all we needed was Summer to round out the "sisterhood"
We missed you Summer!

click to enlarge and check out Rebecca's beautiful eyes!

doesn't she look a lot like Brenda here?

Science Place Field Trip!

So, I was standing at the front desk at the Science Place waiting for a chaperone's map - when Tim walks up to me and says, "Um, mom - i believe you are standing on Uranus!"
Then he cracks up laughing!
His field trip buddy, Tyler has never met me and is clearly unsure of what my reaction might be. He is holding his breath!
When I laugh - the poor kid looks SO relieved - he must have thought I was gonna kill Tim for his inappropriate talk!
Instead, of course, I tell him to let me take a picture!

Tim's favorite friend, Michaela

Michaela, Tyler and Tim

Mason and Tim

It was a fun day - but then again, isn't any day that you don't have to sit in a classroom?!

A day in our lives - via iphone

This is how our saturday went... it was pretty typical.

out to eat with our family and maggie's bff haley

Next - cleaning tommy's office.
We all pitched in - how come it's maggie's job and she gets the paycheck?

tim is thrilled

Then, to Race trac for Slurpies!

she couldn't decide

Later, shopping for an office chair with Mag and Justin

Last - 'How to train your dragon' - best movie EVER!!!

Pinewood Derby

The week before the derby, we had gone out of town and not attended scouts.
We thought that night was derby night and we had missed it.
We were wrong.
So Tim was unprepared - he had not made a car.
Thank goodness, he was allowed to race with his car from several years ago.
Unfortunately, his car's back wheels had come loose. Tommy was working and I didn't know what to do, so Bro. Gilbert helped as best as he could.
The wheels ended up coming off and Tim's car sucked - but he was happy with his "coolest design" award anyway!

bunny food

This is what mysteriously survived from our winter garden.
We managed to neglect everything else to the point of death, but these little carrots and this one parsley plant refused to give up the ghost!

So we yanked them up and fed them to Lila B.
She was more than happy to make sure that they lived no more!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Double Doozies

Every time we head to the mall, Tim requests a Double Doozie (two cookies with icing in the middle) from the cookie company. I have to admit, those cookies are pretty yummy - however, it kills me to spend so much money on a cookie that I can make for practically nothing (that is my mother talking!)

So here are a few pics of Tim making his own D.D. cookies - he has realized that he can only buy one at the mall - at home he can make dozens!! Sorry Great American Cookie Company - you have just lost Tim's business!