Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maggie's Blog

After weeks of getting on to Maggie for not keeping up with her blog, she has finally done it!
Actually, she blogged in a big way - 19 new posts! So take a bit of time and go check hers out. Link on right side, blog list- click on her name, not the post title


So as a lot of you know, I have been released from my Young Women calling. It was a great few years and I love the girls dearly - however, they were never as funny as the kids in my new calling!
I am actually serving in two callings, Activity Day girls on Tuesday nights, and the CTR6 class on Sundays. It's the 6 year old's that are the funny ones!
I told a friend about some of the funny things that they do and she suggested that I blog about them - so here goes.
(Please keep in mind two things...#1 I am not a very funny person, and A LOT may get lost in the translation. #2 There are things that make you say "You just had to be there.")

While telling the kids about the golden plates and how Joseph Smith came to have them - a really important story in LDS history- I found myself pleased at how well they were listening. They were all absolutely enthralled in the story - except for little Monica.

ok, let me back up - do you remember those fuzzy worms on the fishing wire? Well, Monica had one with her this day.

Back to Monica - Remember, kids quiet, edge of their seats...
I had to do a double take as a caught a glimpse of her in the corner of my eye. She was sitting there, still and quiet and completely serious - staring at me with this worm folded in half to make the shape of a tear drop placed at the corner of her eye, with THE SADDEST FACE you have ever seen - like she was crying this huge purple tear! Corners of her mouth turned down in a great big frown, blinking back these imaginary tears, she sat like that the entire time! You have no idea how hard it was to keep my composure and finish my story!

Next funny thing from Sunday -

As class began, before the fuzzy tear thing happened, Knowing that I was going to need their full attention for my story, I reminded them that I had been very sick the week before. I told them that I still wasn't feeling great and it would help me a lot for them to be reverent.

Hannah: What was wrong with you?

Me: I had Pneumonia!

Reuben: What is doo-monia?

Me: It's like a cold in your chest

Sasha: I have AHHstma (emphasis on the AH, like say AHH)

Hannah: I had a cold once

Andrew: I had a cold once

Preston: I had a cold once

Reuben: I threw up once

Monica: You know what I had once? I had, (dramatic pause, eyes big and serious)


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A boy and his cat

Sprout brought home a present for Tim again today - this time it was a new prize!
Not a mouse or a bunny, but a snake!
Tim was sad at first that she had killed it, but he quickly decided that it was cool and they sat outside for a long time playing with the dead carcass! YUCK!
First he played keep away with her,
and then he pulled the snake along by it's head as if it were a train while Sprout chased it around and around him! SICK!
What boy would want a dog when he could have so much fun with a kitten and a dead grass snake!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Charlie's Lucky Morning!

Somehow a bag of cookies ended up getting knocked off of the pantry shelf onto the floor this morning before school without my noticing. - I'm sure in Maggie's haste to get her Granola Bar. When I came home from dropping off the kids, I discovered the spilled cookies and quickly picked them up and threw them away - all the while thinking how grateful I was that Charlie didn't discover them first.
I did notice that he was by the back door, waiting patiently to be let outside - but I took my time cleaning up the kitchen a bit first. Then I got distracted by some paperwork needing to be returned to Tim's class, wrote a few checks, etc.
Out of the corner of my eye I see Charlie - still by the back door staring at me - head down, eyes upward - obviously hoping I don't look at him too closely.
When I ask him what is wrong, he lifts his head and this is what I see!

I tell him to drop it, and he does - but it is so soggy from being held in his mouth for who knows how long, that I didn't want to touch it! When I let him know that it was OK to eat it- he acted like he had just found a pot of golden...well, cookies!
He proudly took it outside to enjoy his treasure in the sunshine -It was his lucky morning for sure!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Lazy or excellent time management?

How I found Tim this morning when I went to wake him

Tim thought he would save some time getting dressed in the morning and allow for a few minutes of extra sleep, by wearing his uniform to bed!
Maggie was appalled that I let him wear his wrinkled, slept- in clothes to school today!
I tried to talk him into changing, but he said that he thought he looked just fine and after all, he had showered just before bed, so I decided that was not an argument worth having -
of'course he left with the understanding that this was a one time only thing!
His teacher probably thinks we live out of our car!

Movie night with Tim - aka, Mom's big mistake!

Tim and I found ourselves at home alone on Friday night, so we decided to watch a movie.
We chose Marley and Me.
I had read the book about a year ago and remembered liking it and had heard good things about the movie. I was hesitant to watch it in the theater because I had been warned about the need for tissues - I know i cried in the book too! Tim and I thought we could be strong and go ahead and watch it at home -
Boy! Were we wrong!
About half way through the movie he started asking, "Is Marley gonna die?" I remained silent. His question became more and more urgent as the movie progressed, and by the time the movie was over, he and I were both sobbing! Not just crying, but SOBBING!
Tim cried so hard he couldn't even talk and his breathing was more like gulping for air!
Tommy and Maggie came home moments after the movie ended, and Tim ran downstairs and hugged daddy and tried to tell him about it, but couldn't stop crying long enough for him to understand! Thank goodness daddy is always good for a big hug!
A word to the wise... if you haven't seen the movie, DO NOT watch it with your 9 year old, very sensitive, animal lover child!
P.S. the next movie we watched was Seven Pounds - again with the sad ending! Tim was very angry about that one and I don't think he will ever watch another movie again!

Papa got schooled!

Gran, Papa, Brenda, Keith, Lindsey and Rebecca all came last weekend for a day visit. Tim decided that Papa needed to be shown a thing or two about a little game he likes to call...one on one! Poor papa got "schooled" as Tim would say, by a nine year old in flip-flops!

Cousins - mini photshoot

So, Lindsey and Rebecca were able to come spend a day with us last weekend and I was so excited to get a hold of them for a mini photo shoot! Here is my favorite of each girl!
Maybe I will post some more on the big shots photography blog later - keep checking!




Blessings #8

I am grateful for...
Tommy - knowledgeable surgeons, painkillers
Jenni - mani/pedi's,priesthood blessings, great weather, my camera (i know i say that everytime, but I am thankful for it daily!)
Maggie - computer, cheat button on solitaire, my converse, hairspray, Maxwell Caulfield and Michelle Pfieffer, hot relatives (by marriage), My BFF cousins - Kyndal and Railey, hair straightener, boys with style
Tim - gamestop, new friend Tyler, cookies, movies with happy endings

Correction - for the sake of history

Alright - I know that I am advancing in years and that as I do this, my memory will suffer - however, I am not as old as previously stated.

I have a cold and am unable to sleep - so I have been scrolling through all of my older blog posts and found a mistake. I am correcting it, not because of my vanity - or because anyone really cares, but for history sake. This is after all, a journal of my family and I can just imagine someone finding my mistake 100 years from now and questioning it.

In the post, 2008 year in review, I recorded that I had turned 37 in 2008. I, in fact, did not turn 37, I celebrated 36 in 2008. I never seem to be able to remember my true age!

Correction made, I can now move on!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Suburban love affair is over!

Ok - not entirely over, I am just just having an extra vehicular affair!

I LOVE Suburbans, but it was time to trade mine in and the price tag on the new model was just too steep for me. I tried to find a pre-owned Sburb, but they were either not what I was looking for - or were sold before I could get my hands on them.
Tommy and I had no intention of buying an Enclave, in fact we test drove it just because I thought it was pretty, and we had already traveled so far to get to the dealership. I actually knew nothing about them at all.
We decided to leave the dealership and try again another day, but my trusty Suburban had other plans...as we drove away, the catalytic converter imploded! We had not had any trouble with her before that, so we took that as a sign that we should go ahead and purchase something new. We felt like she was telling us it was time!
The Enclave's comfort and smooth ride called out to me and the price did the same for Tommy! So, here she is - my new love!
Don't get me wrong - I still get a tear in my eye when a shiny new Sburb passes by us on the road - I will always love her, but my new beauty has captured my heart for now!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today is the Day!

Today is the day that Maggie FINALLY got her braces taken off! Yipee!!!
It was a two long, expensive years, but now that they have come off, we can see that it was worth it.
She has an allergy to nickel, so her gums will be swollen for about a month, but then she will get to have a laser procedure done to clean up their edges and at that point she will also have her teeth whitened. She will have the perfect smile that we paid for!
Maggie - it's nice to see your smile again!

Just before ...

and after with Dr. Harris!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Here's HOPPING that everyone had a good Easter Weekend!!!
(heehee - hopping! - heehee)
Seriously, I'm hysterical!

Mine and Tommy's eggs...
His says KISS ME - I was going to write something snotty, like, YOU WISH, but since it is a holiday -
i just went with the traditional 'initials in a heart'!
I love you Tommy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nicole and Jay's Wedding

Tommy's cousin Nicole married Jay over the weekend in Austin, and we were lucky enough to be able to attend. We really enjoyed getting to visit with so much of the family. Not everyone was able to be there, but those of us who were had fun together!

Just a warning before any of our followers get started: There are TONS of pics posted! Remember - I no longer post slides
Our ever reverent family!
Maggie & Tim

Tommy & Mag at the pool before the wedding

Callie & Maggie

Levi & Kelsey, Donelle & A.L. and Callie (we missed you Drew!)

Derrick and Carrie

Jon and Karan

Maggie and her two BFF's, Kyndal and Railey

Tommy & his little sister Valinda

pretty Callie

Tim and Callie

Gavin, Dylan & Tim

Jay and Nicole

Kelsey and baby girl Rose!

Maggie and Derrick

Cousins: Tommy, Darrin, Nicole, Valinda, Derrick , Kelsey, & Callie

Tim & his BFF Levi

Donelle & Maggie

Tim & his ladies!

Maggie & Kurt Dancing!

Back at the hotel room...

Tim's giant cheeto!
maybe all of the preservatives in the cheetos were the reason they insisted on dancing instead of sleeping in the bed!
Daddy trying to wake Maggie and Tim the next morning

And home again...

Two questions:
#1 Tim, aren't you supposed to be unpacking?
#2 Haven't I blogged a similar photo when he was supposed to be sorting laundry?
A theme may be emerging!

I love spring evenings!

Last week Tim requested a steak dinner grilled at home. We usually go to Saltgrass for steak, but I thought it would be nice to grill outside and enjoy the spring weather. After dinner, Tommy, the kids and I all went out into the backyard - the boys and I played catch with the baseball, Tommy relaxed and Maggie jumped on the trampoline. It was nice to have a quiet spring evening together! Tim's delicious steak!

Tim's amazing catch


Tommy and his sneak attack on Maggie!

Maggie and Charlie