Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Food Trucks

Maggie, Jamie, Charlie and I spent an evening in Dallas eating dinner from the food trucks. Its was a beautiful night and we had a blast! This is for sure one of my favorite things to do!

The Sweet & Lowdown and the Nutty Pig!

Maggie B&W

Spring Break 2014

Here is the summary - Maggie came home - Tommy and Tim left the next day for a man trip to Disney World - maggie and I hung out around home for a relaxing week - The men came home - Maggie headed back to school. That was SB2K14! (see how I used the "cool" lingo? I'm so on trend!)

Gross looking snap chat announcing how long until she arrives home!

early Saturday morning, rainy soccer game. Sarah is a true friend to come watch in the cold, wet weather!

I promise - she really is kind of pretty sometimes


evidently Tim stuffed every pan from the dishwasher in one cabinet - this casserole dish couldn't take the overcrowding any longer and jumped out to its death, scaring me and maggie nearly to ours!

Stars pre-game warm up. This was about all of the excitement we were able to see, as 6 minutes in, one of the Stars players had a "cardiac event" and the game was postponed. Maggie was REALLY upset. She had to cancel her Florida beach plans and this game was the only thing making her look forward to spring break! 

For those of you who don't know, this is the super hot boy Maggie has been dating for a while. Don't be jealous.

Spending the day outside with her boy, enjoying the "not snow" weather!

Mag tagged along to work with me on this day - I was photographing a friend of hers from high school - Hunter!

I didn't get many photos sent to me from Disney - the ones I did get looked  like this

Jamie, Maggie and I took the Elders (Tryon Petersen & Wes Brown) to dinner on this night!
We had such fun - so much laughing!

The boys ate at their favorite, Planet Hollywood in downtown Disney!
Their shakes are the best!

Tim trying his hand at bowling again @ Splitsville in downtown Disney. He bowled 3 strikes!

I woke up to these two on my lap - clearly Tommy was not in the bed (they aren't allowed when he is home!)
This seems sweet, except that I'm allergic to cats! It was a rough morning for my sinuses!

Tim sent me this photo - trying to make us girls envious!

Last day of break - the boys came home a day early so Tim could see maggie. We had a yummy Zanata lunch!

Maggie pulled out Tenzi and we played all night!

Master class - bowling!

 We didn't realize that Tim was such a terrible bowler! We have all gone many times before and he did fine, but this time - I believe his high score was in the 40's! Really! I'm not kidding!
Good thing he had a few friends there to mock him!

Sarah Foster, Tim, Jared Payton, Trace Killian


Tim got to go to Disney World a week after his 14th birthday, so on his actual day it was just us at home.  As it urned out, we had an ice storm and school was cancelled - so Tim slept late and had a HUGE bowl of ice cream for breakfast/lunch. By the time we were to celebrate with Tim's favorite dinner and cake (made at home since we were iced in), he said he was sick from the ice cream, so he opted for no cake - just Eggs Benedict!  

Despite how he looks in this photo - he really was happy on this day!

We face timed with Maggie so that she could watch him open his gifts

Traditional birthday chair!


Snapchat is an app on phones that allows you to send photos or videos lasting only a few seconds, then they disappear. I love snap chat because my kids send me stuff throughout the day just to keep in touch a bit. Here is one I got from Matt recently. I love it!

Words to live by

My favorite quote - because I find it to be absolutely true.

Yep - she lives in Virginia!

Everyone there calls it the south - I say, its the north and I have the photos to prove it!

Maggie sent me these photos from her phone, documenting a snow day at school.
 This photo was taken behind her dorm building

She enlisted the help of a few kids to dig out her car and made a run to Waffle House

Maggie and her roommate, Abby playing on the hill at Main Hall

You can't tell by this photo - but that hill is pretty steep!

Trying to climb this huge fallen tree…
… unsuccessfully!

Isn't she lucky to be in such a beautiful place every day?!

Snow chair!