Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dregs of Society

For all of you law abiding citizens, I thought give you a glimpse of what it is like to be a hardened criminal. I have recently experienced the underbelly of society - truancy court.

Tim had some tardies last September. He started out the year riding his bike to school - and was evidently 1 and 2 minutes late because of a bike lock issue 4 times. Of'course, once I realized the problem, I began driving him.

Again in September - like, as in 6 months ago - we pulled him out 45 minutes early one friday, to go out of town. Lastly, on election day, I checked him out as his lunch period began so that he could go with me to vote (he was excited after studying about the process in school - y'know, i was trying to reinforce what he had learned and bring life to that education - silly me) I checked him back in before his lunch period ended.

So - to summarize, 4 tardies totaling 4 minutes and 2 check outs totaling roughly 65 minutes.

I received this letter in the mail from the Justice of the Peace - me, not Tommy, as if Tim has only one parent!

I know, it's small to read - it says The State of Texas vs. Jennifer Wright

Note, how it reads - no shorts, tank tops or flip flops allowed in courtroom. I came very close to wearing my cupcakes and slippers. I felt like a ridiculous court appearance called for a ridiculous outfit.

We arrived and found a room full of other slacker parents waiting for their trial too.

Ironically, the judge was tardy (very late actually) and kept us waiting!

He summoned us up to the bench and looked over Tim's case. He noted that his report card showed him to be a straight A student and added that certainly such a smart boy must have gotten those brains from one of his parents - he wondered which one of us wasn't smart enough to get him to school on time. Yes, by the way - I was offended!
Remember - the tardies were 6 long months ago and he hasn't been late since.

Anyway, Tim and I were given probation for 6 months and we were made to pay the $80 court costs. SO DUMB! - according to the judge, much like me!

So if you ever find yourself facing truancy court - don't be nervous, just call me - I am now an evildoer on probation. So is my 9 year old, for that matter - we will be glad to show you the ropes in court!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blessings # 7

I am grateful for:
Tommy: A local Justice department that takes care of truancy offenders!
Jenni: two fun years as a YW leader, a timely release, laughter, beautiful spring weather, fishing - especially the stink bait!!, a fun spring break with my kids, Charlie, rain, Tommy's job, not being stressed and nervous (for the first time) while our family spoke in sacrament on Sunday.
Tim: Thomas being my friend, animals, video games and free time to play them.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The way I see my kids

This is random, I know - but I love this picture.

It is nothing special - it was taken at a school track meet earlier this week - but when I picture my kids in my minds eye, this is how they look to me. No posing, no hair being fixed before hand, no special clothes - just how they look everyday! I love this picture!


Maggie is an officer for the National Junior Honor Society at her middle school. As such, she had to attend the induction ceremony for the 2008-2009 school year. Her role was to welcome the new members, recite the pledge and say a few words. She made me laugh when she began the pledge facing the wrong flag! She quickly realized her mistake and turned after only a few words! Another almost bad moment, was when she had to light her officer flame, and the lighter was hesitant to flame up! Luckily it did after a few tries and Maggie was spared the embarrassment!!

Delivering her small speech
(yes, I was really far away! Top row actually - thank goodness for my awesome new zoom lens!)

Coaxing the flame

Warren Middle School Inaugural NJHS Officers

Shaking hands of the new NJHS members (there were over 100 new kids inducted!) She is still an officer for now, new officers have not been elected yet.

Maggie and friends, Savannah and Sarah after ceremony

Maggie and BFF Zack after ceremony

These next pics are from last years ceremony, where Maggie was inducted into the NJHS and elected an officer.
It's only been a year, but I can see how she looks older!

A side note: The principle spoke at the ceremony and said that he wanted to talk about people that he admired -he could only think of sports figures at first, but then he said he realized that that the kids sitting before him were future doctors, lawyers and leaders in our communities. He said he respected them so much for their academic and service oriented achievements. It made me feel proud as a mom! Good job Maggie! You are a great kid!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

big shots photography

We have finally set up our photography blog!! Go check us out and pass the word along to EVERYONE you know!

p.s. here are a few of our featured head shots - don't we look like big shots?!

Michaels Birthday!

Our friend Michael had his birthday last week, but he was sick on his special day, so we had to wait until last night to take him out. He chose the usual Salt Grass Steakhouse. We convinced him that he needed to let us snap a few pics outside of the restaurant just for fun.Michael, Maggie, Tim, Tommy and Zack
Michael and Maggie
He's available, ladies!
Come and get him!

i phone pics

This is my cell phone.
Of course I carry it everywhere i go -
and take pics with it all of the time,
so I thought I would post some of what it
captured in the last two weeks.

The dreaded gas station visit!
One day Stefanie came over and we were just hangin' out in our pj's. We decided that we needed some lunch, so we settled on a place that had a drive through, so as not to have to get dressed!
Much to my surprise, I realized that the suburban was running on just about empty. Crossing our fingers that we wouldn't be noticed by anyone, we pulled into the station. Of course, the car next to us was someone we both knew from the kid's school! We decided to embrace our humiliation and take a few pictures!

me in my cupcakes!

My date with Tim:

Tim and I don't get to spend much one on one time together because of the "maggie monopoly" in our house these days! So, we headed out for a date last week. He chose Brady's Burgers here in Forney. (they have a small video arcade!) We enjoyed our time a lot and the food a little - then we stopped at game stop for some wishful thinking, and headed home. I love spending time with Tim!

Chicken strips - a staple in Tim's diet ( why is that? why do all kids order chicken strips at every restaurant meal?)


Ok - those of you who live in town - do you see this dog as much as I do? I see this dog all over Forney. He's at the bank, he's by walmart, he's up by Johnson Elementary, he is out on 80 by the cleaners - here he was at the post office. It is kind of fun watching for him. When we spot him, we feel like we have won a round in some game we are playing - "Look, there's the Forney Dog!! Yay! I spotted him first - I win!" Let me know if you have seen him and where, or better yet - if you know who he belongs to!
Maybe we should be calling him Waldo! I will post when I spot him again! Be safe, Forney Dog!

Blessings #6

I am grateful for:

Tommy: Finding a doctor on my insurance who can do my shoulder surgery, living in America.

Jenni: my kids and their fun friends, Tim's fun party, Tommy's help, good friends, a clean house, cake mixes and canned frosting, my computer, a full tank of gas, Zack for standing outside to fill it up, my blog, other peoples blogs, my camera - as always!

Maggie:free time and no work at school for the rest of the week now that TAKS is over, new jeans, damaged friendship beginning to mend

Tim:PSP!!! Lego's,birthday money, friends, Zack's cute puppy, the TAKS test being over!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tim's birthday

Tim opted to not have a big birthday bash this year, but to instead have a couple of friends go out for pizza with us - he figured out that by going that route, we would have more money to spend on his gift! He was bucking for a PSP.
He invited his friend Jeremy from church, and his friend Thomas from school. They had a blast! None of them ate much (tim only had sprite!) because there was just too many fun things to do - no time for food! We went to Incredible Pizza (for those of you locally, I highly recommend it). The boys played lots of video games, a round of miniature golf, bowled a bit, raced go-carts and went crazy on the bumper cars! Us big kids had fun too - the go-carts race a whole lot faster for the older drivers!

Thomas, Tim, Jeremy

Tim and Maggie

Jeremy, Thomas, Tim

Thomas, Tim and Jeremy

Then we headed home for cake and presents. After that, Tim was pretty tired out and had no trouble saying goodnight to a great ninth birthday!


Me being attacked by Tim after he opened his PSP!

Our traditional Birthday chair cover

This is what I found at 6:45 this morning when I went in to wake Tim for school! I guess he was excited to get up and play that new PSP!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tim is NINE!!!

Happy Birthday Tim!!
WOW - nine years old already! I can remember very clearly, the day that we told Maggie we were going to have you - she was SO happy! It is crazy how quickly you have come to your ninth birthday!
You are such a great kid! You are smart, super funny, talented, and of'course handsome! I couldn't have asked for a better son. You make us proud of you everyday with your kind, compassionate heart. We love you so much -certainly more than Maggie -and you are definetley our favorite kid! Happy, Happy Birthday Tim!

Waking up to a sea of Birthday ballons!

Tim through the years!