Friday, June 25, 2010

Walt Disney World/Vero Beach

Our big summer vacation this year was to...

You are all shocked, I'm sure! We just can't help ourselves - it feels like a home away from home at this point! We did change it up a bit by bringing along Maggie's BFF, Haley.

the view from our hotel

my cousin, Tammy and her girls - Shelby and Kendall


waiting to ride the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster - it was hot! - thank heavens for Tim's fan/waterbottle

we were in the summertime line for so long that he made a new friend from Brazil - they will now be penpals (or email pals rather!)

They had just ridden the tower of terror - scaaarryyyyy!

again in a long line for the safari tour at Animal Kingdom. My kids have done it a billion times, and as you can see, Maggie was not happy to wait for Haley to do it! It was over 100 degrees that day

at our hotel, Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary
(our new favorite hotel - scoot over Old Key West and Portofino Bay!)

Maggie spelled out the "I love Justin" part. Tommy came behind her and wrote the rest!

Now - a short drive down the Atlantic side to Vero Beach!!! My Favorite Place!!!

L.O.V.E. the above pic of Tim!!!

Then, like the awful mom that I am, I asked the kids to get out of their swim suits and actually put on something dry and presentable for a few photos. I know - can you believe my nerve?!

I took about 700 pics that evening, so I just randomly chose a few to post.
Yes - I said 700 - you see why they hate me?

this last pic was taken on our "turtle walk". The girls entered into a lottery to get to go - and they won! We met at a sanctuary/beach at 9:00 p.m. and took a short class on sea turtles, then we walked out to find a mama Loggerhead dropping her eggs - about 112 of them! - then we watched her cover her hole (tim got to help her push the sand back in!) and Tim got sand kicked all over him! Then we watched her make her way back out to sea. She was estimated to weigh about 250 pounds! WOW!

It was AMAZING!! I only have that pic of the kids from beforehand because no light is allowed near the turtle. They used tiny red light flashlights. The above pic is about what she would have looked like in the daylight. It was an awesome experience!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

we love scott!.

Maggie's friend Scotty came by to mow our lawn the other day and when he was finished he asked tim if he wanted to go fishing - they just went down to our neighborhood pond.

We were actually about to make a trip to Borders Bookstore - tim put that off to fish - for those of you who know tim, picking ANYTHING over the bookstore is a BIG deal!

They caught several fish and tim was SO happy! He loves Scott and appreciates that he wants to hang with him too - not just maggie. Scott is a good guy!

Maggie and Justin - Country vs. City

I try to let maggie post most of the pictures of her and justin on one of her blogs, but I notice that a lot of my posts lately have been about tim. In order to post any about maggie, i have to include justin - as they are always together!

This was actually not a great photo day - the kids looked cute, but my camera has something wrong with it, so my pics aren't as crisp and clear as i would like. it was very hard to find any good shots. maybe next time!



I like the city pics, maggie likes the country. what do you like?


Maggie has gone off to girls camp and I have been left to be outnumbered by the boys!
I snapped a few shots earlier this week just because I thought they were all so cute - outside getting sweaty, taking their shirts off because they are way too cool to be wearing them, wrestling like REAL MEN do!!

Tim - #4 from left - i point that out since his newly blond hair might make him unidentifiable!
I still have to look twice when he is in a group to pick him out!