Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tommy!!

This is what 47 looks like!
It is also what a good, righteous, worthy, generous, witty, selfless, dedicated, motivated, strong husband and father looks like.
We love him so much!


Maggie was able to attend two proms this year - the first was for Justin's highschool (Kaufman) and the second was her highschool (Forney) She reported that while she had fun at both, Justin's prom was THE BEST!! I have actually already blogged about his prom - but I'll post a few pics to recap and show BOTH proms!

F.H.S. Prom

they actually went with a big group to this one - they rode in a limousine and drove out to Rockwall for dinner - then out to Southfork for the prom.

Scott, Haley, Macie, Timmy, Laney, Big John, Lexie, Andy, Maggie , Justin, Nick and Jazzy

BFF Haley

She is a HIGHSTEPPER!!!!

Maggie made the drill team at her high school! We are so happy for her!

Right away they had a spring show - the rookies (mags) only performed in one dance, but that one dance was AWESOME!! We would know - as we attended EVERY performance! We saw it so many times that we could probably have gotten up on stage and danced it with them! It is such fun to watch her dance- I could do it all day long!

some photos after the spring shows

Then they had an end of the year banquet - the theme was hoe down!

Practice starts up in August - after that begins, we anticipate never seeing Maggie! The Highsteppers practice A LOT! We can't wait to go to all of the football games and watch her at half time! It is going to be SO FUN!! Everyone is invited!!

Longest Easter Post Ever!

This is how our Easter weekend went...

we colored A LOT of eggs...

and made an egg village, complete with pets, a king, the easter island guy and monsters

tim wanted to make sure we were clear on what color he had used

first easter as a married couple

young love

tommy made me my own special egg!

stephi loves her uncle tommy!

seriously - he worked almost the entire time on that chicken!

the bunny came!!!

a few (not so serious and reverent) photos after church

no time for makeup this morning - and still cute! She looks just like she did when she was about three years old in this photo!

on to the hunt!

Matt and maggie were our "hiders"

who buried this egg in dog poop?

and now for a few bloopers. Honestly - I had trouble finding photos that did NOT qualify for bloopers - our family almost NEVER takes anything seriously when we are together - and frankly, that is just how we like it!