Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soccer - Spring 2011 Season

Look out Forney youth soccer teams - here come the Forney Drifters!
There is NO WAY you are getting past this goal keeper!

It was a VERY, VERY, VERY cold opening day!
Did I mention it was COLD?
So cold in fact, that most of the spectators (even some moms!) missed the last half because they had retreated to their cars!

the boys all had blue-ish lips and numb fingers by the time the game ended -

but they played an awesome, aggressive game!
Way to go Drifters!

some spring pics

Last Sunday afternoon, I took Maggie out for a few spring pictures - the light was great and the wind wasn't too strong (rare this time of year), so we got a few cute shots.
Look for Tim's spring photos soon - as soon as we have a day without massive wind gusts!

Justin was with us, so I snapped a few of him too...
he looks so serious because the wind was blowing pretty hard right then and he was losing his patience waiting for it to die down!
this is what Maggie did while I shot him and she had a break from my camera!


Maggie goes to Forney High School, but a neighboring town, Kaufman, had their prom two weeks ago and Maggie was asked to go. She went with Justin and his best friends, Josh and Amber.

This was a great group to go with - Maggie says it was a blast! They all get along so well! She reported that dinner beforehand was so fun that no one really even finished their food - lots of fun conversation!
She had only met Amber once or twice before, but evidently they hit it off and had a great time! Neither one of them goes to Kaufman HS, so they stuck together.

She also said that she and Justin danced all night - nearly every song - she was beat by the time she returned home! (of course not too tired to keep me up until the wee hours of the morning telling me all about it!)
I am so glad she had such an amazing time at her first prom!

Friday, March 11, 2011


a few shots from tims birthday - it was uneventful, as he had school and a mandatory soccer practice - his party with friends has been rescheduled - but im sure it will be a blast - if he ever finds time to have it!

daddy got tim a new cell phone - this one with text!
Thanks to all of you who texted him birthday wishes! - he had 42 at the time i took this picture, but over 80 by the end of the night!

scotty came by to tell him happy birthday and give him a bday swirly!

Olive Garden dinner (his usual choice) with the family and gf, Michaela

oh tommy...

haley came by before school with SUGAR!!!
thanks a lot, haley!

daddy giving tim his new phone!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Happy Birthday, Tim!
You are my favorite boy on the planet!!

(and thanks for the forced semi smile in this birthday picture! I bet i'll get a real one later today when you open your gifts!)