Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Break

Forney I.S.D. does not give a winter break like a lot of schools do - however, mother nature provided a week long break for us recently! First is was the ice, then came the snow that prevented the kids from heading out to school - YAY!!!
Here are a few shots from the last few days:

Maggie, Tim, Michaela, Charlie and Haley
There was no driving allowed for Mags, so its a good thing we live in a neighborhood with friends close by!

a family photo minus Tommy :(
He was hard at work and once he got home, he wasn't really interested on getting back out in the cold to re-do this shot!

Above and below pics of Tim and Michaela - this is what they looked like most of the day - with a bit of outside play in between. They are definitely two peas in a pod!

This was the beginning of charlie's snow beard

building the base of the snowman was their job...

finishing him out was theirs.

Brian showed up just in time to go in for Maggie's yummy hot chocolate!

trying to fit in the big jacket that Haley borrowed from her brother

This may or may not have been an apology hug for tackling her in the snow!

They discovered that underneath all of the layers, they were matching - Haley said "hey, take a pic of us since we all have on the same color" - Then they proceeded to act like idiots and never once looked at the camera and smiled all at the same time - I took almost 40 shots! Poor Brian was about to get eaten in this one!

We also ventured out for a yummy dinner at Napoli's once Tommy arrived home (no pics) and we made some Valentine crafts to decorate the house: