Monday, November 14, 2016

Nana & the Northeast!

My mother has ALWAYS wanted to travel to the Northeast. I've heard her say that for my whole life - so this year I mentioned to Tommy that I would love to take her - just the two of us - and he said "Well then just do it" -  So I did! With Tommy's funding and a big pitch in from my brothers - 
I booked us a pair of plane tickets and rented a car for a week. We saw everything we could think of and stopped in every tourist trap and poked around in every country store in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont! It was a blast!

I'm not sure why we thought this sign was funny - but we did. It was made even more funny because every time we saw a sign like this, we would yell MOOSE! I know - looking back, so not funny - but it was funny that week!

Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

Mom making a few bears - even though my dad forbid it! I guess the theme of the week was - it's just us girls and we can spend how we want!

Cider Mill - probably my favorite stop

Ban & Jerrys factory - Phish Food is my fave

A cheese farm tasting store! We agreed that the horseradish cheddar was the best

Von Trapp Family Lodge - it snowed while we were here!

She jumped out of the car on this little winding mountain road to peel of a piece of bark - weirdo

Becky's Diner had horrible food - but FANTASTIC pie! We know because we tried every flavor!

Lemon Lush was our top pick - we went back for more the next day!

Kettle Cove

No sand on this Maine beach - just rocks!

We made it to Joseph Smiths birthplace just minutes before dark - it was lovely and spiritual! 

Crab for days - literally! I was in heaven!

that water moved much faster than she did!

Her biggest desire for this trip - to find sea glass - we found one small piece that i'm sure she will treasure!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The State Fair of Texas 2016

Fried Food, Fletchers Corny Dogs & BIG TEX - thats what the great Texas State Fair is all about!
It's Maggie's favorite day of the year - she was so lucky to be home for it again this time!

Tims fave, fried oreos - but  Maggie and I picked the fried chicken pot pie with mac-n-cheese dip as our favorite!
of course nothing holds a candle to the fried guacamole and queso from a few years back!

tim found a piano - surprise...
He played for a while and drew a pretty good little crowd - his sister was mortified

before i hung out with my kids - i took a couple of spokes models along and did a little shoot with them - you'll have to see the results on instagram BIGSHOTSPHOTOGRAPHY13

Island hop

Maggie left us a week early to go back to school, so that she could join her friends on a week long island hopping adventure! They visited Maui and Kawaii. 
Oh to be young and free again!!!

I feel pretty sure she talks more about it on her blog -
 hover over the link and click to visit her!

Morgan, Kenzie, Allie, Abbi, Maggie, Logan, JJ, Devin

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Light check volunteers

 Charlie and Shae are always right there waiting to help me check light as soon as the backdrops go up - they are so helpful - and such beggars, wanting more treats than the job warrants!

Charles Xavier Barker Brown - November 16, 2016

Ari Shae Wright - November 16, 2016

I mean - he was willing to have his portrait made right? Why not grab his Halloween costume? I'll need a halloween post for BSP instagram anyway! 
Thanks Charles - you are a champ!
(or a ram)

charging me for the treat in my hand!

ok - he is done
so is he...

Saturday, October 22, 2016



My Sweet niece, Stephanie, turned 29 and spent her birthday weekend here in Forney with us!

 She decided on burgers at Twisted Root and a piece of Kroger cheesecake for dessert -whatever works for her!
birthday spankings

Matt and Stephanie Marquis 10//22/2016

Stephi and uncle Tommy