Friday, September 23, 2011

First performance of the season!!

The first game was held in Waco - that is quite a drive, btw!
Of course I was just interested in the half time show - and it was FABULOUS!!

these are shots of the flash mob that the drill team, band, cheerleaders and football players did at the pep rally! it was GREAT!

(top pic - maggie in back row, left side, black shirt, hands above her head, watch on)
(bottom pic - maggie sort of in center - in front of girl with yellow shirt in back)

boarding the buses to waco!

they performed a routine called Circus - i loved the costumes! This drill team doesn't perform the normal drill routines - they pride themselves on doing full on dance routines with themes and costumes! It is expensive, but they are the best around!

FHS Highsteppers, Gents and Directors!

Nana and Pa drove up from San Antonio to watch Maggie dance! Thanks you guys!


nothing funnier than giggle gas!!


Maggie's baby girl, Ruby is growing so big!
This is a pic of her on the day she came to live with us - she was a little bigger than a quarter (we think about 4 weeks old)

and this is her now ( almost 4 months old)

she is expected to get to about 12 inches in diameter - i hope maggie can have a giant aquarium in her dorm room!

Turtles are supposed to be shy and hide in their shells when people are near - nobody told Ruby that rule! She begs to be played with - she slaps the water with her fins when anyone walks into the room - she likes to be hand fed and likes to climb in charlies fur.
She is much more fun than i expected!
The next pic is her trying to climb up on her tree in order to be picked up! She is SO CUTE!

Sprout and the BIG C

Tims little Sprout has cancer.
We had her growth removed and it looks like it was a successful surgery. We will just have to watch closely for more potential tumors. Tim was a nervous wreck on surgery day - He loves his Sprout so much!

her scar on the day of surgery

about three days later when she grew tired of the stitches and began ripping them out!

she slept like this for about a week solid! she didn't even acknowledge that I was so close with my camera!

This is what I found as I came to put Maggies sheets back on her bed - I guess Shae and Charlie were giving Sprout some moral support!

School begins Again! - YUCK

I really have nothing good to say - school started, we took a few annual pics - I hate that they have to be gone all day, I'd rather they be stupid.

timothy joseph - eleven years old - beginning of sixth grade

maggie grace - sixteen years old - beginning of junior year
(and haley!)

when i asked how their first day went - thumbs up!
tim and michaela

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Remember the news story about the little girl who won the 'mayor for a day' contest, and chose to change Main street into Justin Bieber Way as her first official act as mayor?

Well, that was in our small town! It was all over the local news - then the sign was stolen and suddenly we were all over the National News!

Maggie and friends decided that this was historic, so after going out for donuts down the street, they called me to take a pic with the replacement sign. Andy (black shirt) gave me his "man card" before I took this photo!

as it turns out - the hooligans who stole the sign were a couple of maggie's friends - i snapped a pic of one of the criminals phones - proof that they were thieves! I have cropped out his face to protect him from all of the 12 year old girls who want him hanged! I figure the community service he was sentenced to perform is punishment enough!

Goalie Camp

Tim attended Bobbie Moffats goalie camp this year and learned SO much! It was one of the best things we could have done for tim - he is the BEST GOAL KEEPER EVER NOW!!!

I snapped this pic with my cell phone - i love how young and small he is compared to his fellow goalies - i REALLY love how he kept up with them in the net! Its all about skill!!

Tims camp leaders - they were awesome!

Line Camp

The drill team held their annual line camp in August - Maggie had a great time! Even though it was nine hours a day and she was SO SORE and TIRED!! I am in charge of media for the Booster club, so I went up and snapped some photos - here are a few with Mags in them -

The 2011-2012 Forney Highschool Highsteppers!

Pretty sure she wasn't supposed to be talking and laughing here!

Conner, Maggie and Sara

The Parent Show Off performance

A few friends who came to watch Maggie!
John, David, Laney, Carlie and Ben!

Just before school started the Highsteppers were asked to help direct all of the incoming freshman at orientation - here is a small group of them -

Haley, Andy, Maggie, Andrew, Becci, Lexi & Emily

last days of summer 2011

The last bit of summer was filled with random events - ill just group them all together in one long post!

tim and his friend michael doing flip after flip after flip.....

maggie and an EFY friend, Zak - he lives only about an hour away, so its fun for him to come hang for the day!

zak, maggie, steph and matt - they came up for the weekend from san antonio - this was the first day mag felt good enough to even get out of bed after her tonsillectomy!

michael, tim and ricky

next - dave and maggie make great "koolaid pong" partners - their opponents don't stand a chance!

a quick day trip to Splashtown in Canton for tim, ben, me and carlie!

and a stop at the yummy Dairy Palace! for the BEST shakes around!

So, on this night - all of the kids were hanging out at our house when someone suggested ice skating - it was already almost 9:00pm, but they insisted on driving all the way out to the galleria anyway! They were able to skate for only about an hour before it closed!

they dont call him Big John for nothin'!

Laney, Haley and Maggie

Michael had laser eye surgery!!

Dave and Maggie had an evening of sitting around the house playing with the camera - it was his last night before heading off to OU!


Tim - my genius child - forgot to wear shoes, so Jeremy lent him a flip flop until he could get some skates on!

on this day, the best thing to happen was that a 7 year old boy approached maggie and asked her if she was ok - he then said, "because it must have hurt when you fell from heaven!" Then he followed her around calling her his angel! HILARIOUS!