Saturday, August 29, 2015


Yep - she lives in paradise and this kind of thing is right down the street from her - and we are the suckers stuck at home paying for it!

Maggie and her new friend out for a swim
Some of the her room mates relaxing on the rocks!
Kenzie, Charlotte, Abby, Brooke, JJ and Maggie

Friday, August 28, 2015

More random cell phone shots

Sweet Sprout had just had yet another surgery - she was feeling very clingy and sat with me as we were reading our night time scriptures

Tims favorite - Torchy's Tacos

Tim and his Papa!
Tim and friend from KD Studios - Alie. Tim went Highland Park to see her perform in her school production of Annie

After Midnight Madness

an accidental pic from sometime when i was working in the craft room!

someone on our neighborhood fb page put a call out for an emergency lawn mowing - tim answered that call - off he goes!

Shae heading to the vet - he was SUPER mad!

About 5 years ago, a tortoise wandered into our rabbit hutch and hung out with her for a few days and then disappeared. Fast forward to now, and it is back - every morning at sunrise, it crosses the backyard and then walks back again. I have no idea where it has been living!

the new across the street neighbors have two sets of twin girls - 5 and 4 years old i think -  they picked us some flowers - from their mothers flower pot!

family pic

Maggies puppy sleeping on maggies puppy

Maggie helping with set up for Sunnyvale Highschool Cap and Gown photos!

Charlie got a new haircut and looks just like he did when he was a little puppy

Tim stepped into the tip of a pencil - let me tell you, it was in there a good 1/4 of an inch!

Tim, Sandy (my moms BFF), mom and me at Zanatas after Time Out for Women

How Maggie views the world - Really!

Tommy likes chocolate milk. I am allergic to dairy, so I like Almond milk. Evidently, Maggie sides with Tommy - and feels guilty afterwards!

Morning snuggles are rare - so Tim takes them whenever and wherever he can get them!

One of tims friends posted this on her instagram - it made me laugh! That is tim in the beanie getting kicked by a masked luke

This little instagram gem was featured on Steel City Pops Dallas, Fort Worth, Atlanta and and Birmingham!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Screen Shots #8

Ok - so if you read my blog at all, you know that i'm a screen short girl - I have a phone full of things that meant something to me or struck me in some way for one reason or another - silly, I know!

 But for real y'all - this first one is my all time favorite! His words just really paint a picture for me. I believe those words and I hold on to them and find such comfort in them.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sanibel Island

A few pics - mostly of my sweet baby Ethan - while we were all in Sanibel

Ethan Jaymes Marquis

Wishing the rest of the family was with us enjoying the warm water!

My brother David and his family!

His first time at the beach!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Steve & Mark

Now that it is legal for them to be married in the US - my brother, Steve and his partner, Mark got hitched! We all flew out to Sanibel Island, Florida to be with them. It was a beautiful evening on the beach, and a sweet ceremony. 
We all went out to eat at a fantastic restaurant close by - several passers by stopped to congratulate them! 
 I love my brother and Mark and no matter how our opinions and beliefs may differ - I support them and am so happy that they are happy! Family is for sure the most important thing! 

Mark and Steve
August 20, 2015

Steve and Margie Akin, Ethan, Matt and Stephanie Marquis, David and Diane Akin (and me behind the camera!)

It took a very long time - years and years actually - for my dad to show Steve that he was proud of him. This hug after the ceremony was a bigger deal than I can express!