Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hawaii - This may be a record…

… for the longest post ever!

I wasn't very good at keeping up with Maggie's Hawaiian life on this blog- so I'm just lumping all of her pics together in one wicked long post!
I won't comment on most because they are just pics from her many fun days  at school and on the island!
 She reports that changing schools was the best decision she has made so far. 
SVU was wonderful, but it was time for a change and she is so happy at BYUH!
Most of the photos are of her with her 4 besties.

this video was her showing me how windy Hawaii can be

the narrator at Disney's Aulani resort - looked just like the man from Pocahontas!

the Valentines Day package that we sent to her housemates

it was a success!

this was taken on her balcony  - Valentines Day morning

The lightening tree from The Hunger Games

Haylea got her mission call!

She and I were face timing on her balcony

The Rosslers from Forney spent Spring Break on Oahu and got to visit with Maggie!

A little bit of Hawaii and a little bit of home

This guy crawled up next to Maggie on the beach one day to get a bit of sun!

Heading out to take bestie pics before summer separates them 

This group of ladies sure made being so far from home much more easy!
J.J., Maggie, Janelle, Haylea and Allison

face timing with these hotties

One last weekend together 

and a house photo