Saturday, February 28, 2015


The snow fell over night, but the sun was shining big and bright - we decided that we had better head out for a few pics before it melted. I'm glad we did because by noon that snow was pretty much gone!
These are all that we have taken lately, so they also serve as Tims 15 year old pics!

Ethan Jaymes

He can sit up on his own! I was so excited to be able to snap a few pics of this milestone!

Weekend Visit

Tim and I took a weekend and made a quick trip down to San Antonio to visit my fam. Truth be told - I just can't stand to go too long without seeing Ethan!

Tim and grandpa had spent the evening at the bookstore - they worked up an appetite
and had to stop for late night donuts

they brought one back for Nana too!

I think he has passed up Nana in stature!

the sweetest baby ever born!

talking to great grandpa

Ethan and his pretty mommy

Stephanie, Ethan and Matt Marquis

Cousins! (second cousins technically) 

Cousins Tim and Stephi

My beautiful niece!


We have done it again! We have taken Tim out of public school and he is doing online school at home through BYU. He was home schooled for second grade but was eager to return to public school the following year. It was a great experience back then and so far it has been great this time around too!
We have thought about it off and on but never felt prompted to make the leap - but this year, we really felt like it was right for him. Honestly, we spent several days as a family fasting and praying and obsessing over this decision and in the end, all four of us felt so good about it!  He now has the time he needs to be on stage, go to auditions, attend rehearsals and voice lessons, and play his piano to his hearts content. 
School has never been a problem for him, so we aren't worried about his education - we know he will be able to be successful in that regard. We just figured that with all of the online options for high school - there was no reason for us not to give him a chance to pursue his dreams. Maybe he will make something of his budding talent - maybe he won't. Our hope is that he will grow up knowing that we believe in him, that family and being together is our priority, and that it is a wonderful thing to chase success. 

There is good and bad in him being home - mostly good - for example, 
 I get to hear him play all day long
(like in this quick video of him learning a new song- he gets mad if I try to record him so I was sneaky)

and we get to spend tons of time in the library and book store 
(he loves to read and now has time for that!)

but the bad is that he also has time for manly projects and forces me to take him 
to gross boy stores like Home Depot for supplies.

I feel so blessed to spend so much time with Tim. Not every mom is lucky enough to have an opportunity like this - Tim is not just my baby boy, but also my friend. He will be off living his life without me one day soon and I am definitely going to cherish the days we have together!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A change from chicken

Finally - Tim has decided that he likes more than the same few fast food places - he has discovered Twisted Root Burgers and Torchy's Tacos!

                                              he is very allergic to sesame seeds - so he
                                                  had to ditch the bun on his first visit!

he became fast friends with the manager 
(because he talks to EVERY person he sees) and scored a free milkshake!

on his first visit to Torchy's - we had a hard time deciding what to order, so we ordered half the menu!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Screen Shots 4

Instagram Inspiration!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Finding I Love You's

As I sit at my craft room table and look around - I find several 
notes from the kids - here are just a few…