Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Forney Homecoming Duchess 2010

Maggie was elected to be the Sophomore Class Homecoming Duchess 2010!!!
She was at home sick when she was nominated, but a friend texted her to give her the good news.

Everyone in her sophomore class had to write down the name of their nominee - then those were tallied and the top five girls listed became the finalists.

Then the students were asked to vote on that list of finalists - and Maggie won!! YAY!!!

Here are some shots from Homecoming weekend:

Justin and Maggie exchanging Mum and Garter
(he will hold onto his until his school's homecoming next month)

The night of the homecoming game where the court
would be presented in a ceremony on the field

as is tradition, daddy was her escort

Some fans in the stands - by the time the ceremony began, we had 28 friends gathered to watch her - she could DEFINITELY hear this cheering section!

the view from where we stood -
thank goodness I was able to hire a sports photographer with field credentials to take some good, close up photos
(www.vickicallaway.com - look under 'homecoming 2010')

nana and amber

tim and michaela with one of the signs that they made for maggie!

tim presenting maggie with flowers after the ceremony

walking through the swords

The parade the next morning - it RAINED!!! I was not happy after all of the time I spent trying to find a convertible for Maggie to ride in!

a quick pic at home after the parade - it was still raining!

stefanie was able to get a few shots of her as she drove by!
Im so glad that i hand painted the signs for the car doors - everyone else used markers that ran!

after the parade, tommy grilled 'tommy burgers'!

Nana, Pa and Papa were all able to come!

Mag and Justin about to leave for the homecoming dance

funny how impatient she looks!

showing nana how teenagers dance these days!

the Sophomore Court:
Reggie Rideaux, Maggie Wright, Haley Penn & Clayton Chadwick
These pics are just snaps, but to see some of the professional shots, check out Vicki's sight (listed above), the Forney Post, Quintana Photos and the Forney Messenger

Monday, September 27, 2010

Divine Nature Room Redo

Maggie's 16th birthday is coming up and after much deliberation, she decided to redecorate her room instead of having a party.
(kind of made me sad - I've been planning her sweet 16 since she was born!)

Anyway, she wanted her room to look really different, so she began shopping for styles that she liked months ago.

After a trip or two to different stores with her, I suggested that she check her personal progress book to see if all of these shopping hours could be used towards any of her goals. Sure enough - it would be perfect for her 10 hour project in Divine Nature!!

So she began keeping a pretty detailed notebook of her hours, things she wanted, prices, pictures, color swatches, receipts etc.

Here is her room before:

notice the color test for just the right yellow on her wall?

Finally - we began the project

Tommy hired Scotty to help build the wall that she wanted

during all of this, maggie was diagnosed with mono and ordered to rest - she refused because she was eager to finish - but sometimes, she gave in to being wiped out!

her cool new fan

putting together some furniture - at about 1:00 a.m. - she chose to buy all of the main pieces from affordable Ikea in order to stay on budget
(by the way, she DID NOT succeed in that effort - not even close!)

again - the before...
...the after

... after
Thanks to daddy and Scott for building the wall, and to Mariah for sewing all of those pillows!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Impromptu Tim

Tim and I had a little impromptu photo shoot - not many shots taken - maybe only 30 minutes out, but some of the pics are cute.

Well, I may be a bit partial!

Timothy Joseph Wright - September 2010 - 10 years old

how can he look so grown up in the above shot and so young in the below shot?

This one is blurry because he was laughing so hard - but I really like it - this is a classic Tim happy face!

and this laying down shot is a classic tim look too - a friend saw this one and said
"now THAT is tim!"
I agree!

This is my absolute favorite pic - I love those BOY hands - so chubby, with ratty looking cuticles and chewed on nails! SO TIM!

my birthday dinner

Ok - it was dark in the Cheesecake Factory and these were taken with a phone, so excuse the bad photos! These are just a few shots from my birthday dinner. We took BFF Michaela and Justin along. Dinner was of course, yummy - dessert was ok too - ironically, i don't really like cheesecake, but I love the pasta!!