Thursday, April 14, 2011

SHM spring 2011





Lindsey, Summer, Maggie & Rebecca
LOVE these girls!

Harriet Tubman

Tim was assigned a Harriet Tubman project in school recently. His task was to create a replica of the carriage that she gave her parents back in the day - he chose to build it out of Legos.
I think it looks AWESOME!!

Since we had out the legos anyway, I built a super cool dump truck!

Charlie sat sweetly with us - until I tried to show him my work - then he freaked out and turned into Cujo!

16 1/2

For some reason, Maggie decided this year that we all needed to celebrate her Half Birthday. She marked it on our calenders months in advance and made sure we were all very aware of the impending date.

The big day arrived, and as usual, I was busy getting the morning going when I learned from Maggie's friend that she was very hurt because I had forgotten to wish her a happy Half Birthday.

She had texts from friends and family alike - all celebrating her special day!

Justin even came over and baked her favorite red velvet cake for her! CRAZY!

16 1/2 candles on the cake

She was insistent that she receive a gift, so she took MY money and drove herself to walmart to purchase the movie Tangled!

The girl is NUTS! And furthermore - so are all of those around her for indulging her crazy behavior!

Spring Break 2011

I really wanted to post photos from the whole week of Spring Break to document our many adventures - but most of those photos were taken on maggie's cell phone (cuz it takes GREAT pics) but it was stolen! So here is all that I have left...

Our picnic at White Rock Lake

The CROWDED Fort Worth Zoo

tyler, tim, haley, maggie, justin

Sadly, that's it.
Some of the other things we did were:
Ate breakfast at I hop (no big deal you say? well, then you haven't tried the Cinnastacks!)
Played Basketball at the park
Flew Kites
Tracked down a little mexican bakery and bought lots of treats to share (turned out they were all disgusting!)
Walked the dog
Watched several movies at home and at the theatre
Played with friends

We usually travel for the break, but this year we just stayed close to home and had a good time anyway! Can't wait until summer break now!


So, I was enjoying a few peaceful minutes just before Tim came home from school a few weeks ago (he walks home), when my phone rang. It was my friend, Stef - she was laughing already, before she even spoke - she said "I just wanted to hear your reaction when Tim came through the door".
Uh-oh. This can't be good. So I get up and go to the door, to find Tim walking up the driveway - looking like this!

His story is, that on the walk home, one of the girls had a permanent marker and threatened to write on his face with it. Not to have her satisfied by his fear, he took the marker from her and said "Wow - I would love to be written on - in fact, i'll do it myself" and proceeded to create this masterpiece!
Now, all of the kids thought it was hysterical - as did Stef, who saw my idiot son as she was picking up her children. I guess I think it is funny too, but my poor washcloth ended up paying the price for his lunacy!

P.S. - in case you didn't know - you have to scrub pretty hard to get sharpie of of your face!