Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Pets. by Tim

This is Tim taking over moms blog. I'm supposed to be in bed.
My pets are Charlie, Sprout, Lila B. and Shae.

Charlie. he is a pomeranian poodle and also he is like my alarm clock. He knows to come to me for when he wants to play He gets super happy when i come home.

Sprout or Kitten. she was a stray We also know her a little bit as Killer. She has brought me a rabbit ( ps a very big one) A RAT, SEVERAL MICE, A BIRD, A FEW SNAKES AND A DOVE TWO DAYS AGO. She tried to kill a tiny baby mouse but i saved it. she has a sweet high pitched baby cry also. she likes to be loved and she kneads and purrs all the time

Shae. I wished upon a star for hi, when i was little. I used to grab him a lot and he would pull out his claws and wrap them around my skull it hurt really bad. Shae has only gone outside a few times but ran right back in so he didnt get in trouble. shae has never killed anything living except for bugs. He makes a noise like a dolphin when he sees a flashlight. He is more affectionate now, but not to bugs.

Lila b. Lila is so small but has gotten bigger, but she will always stay small because she is a dwarf bunny. she likes to eat bananas, grapes, oats, hay, pellets, cilantro, radish leaves, cucumbers, brocoli and carrots she likes the banans covered in oats the best . Oh, and cheerios and raisins too. By the way if you think we have a pig, you are wrong. Lila b. snorts like one!

FHE games night

We had a nice dinner (breakfast) on monday night and went outside for a quick FHE. We just played a game - it was a simple night.

Tim was the first outside, so he did a few flips before everyone piled onto the trampoline!

I was the first to get out in the game, so I got bored and began taking pics of myself.
I see now why everyone calls me childish!

Sunnyvale Park

Earlier this week, we found ourselves with nothing to do, and unwilling to waist the beautiful weather by sitting inside. We have a brand new, wonderful city park here in Forney, but it is so new that it didn't even occur to me to go there! We drove a few miles down the road to Sunnyvale instead.
Charlie and Maggie
Tim - certain that he can hit the top of the light post!

Tim and Maggie played catch for a long time and Charlie enjoyed growling at all of the other people and dogs that passed by him! I will admit - it did get a bit hot, but we stayed long enough for the sun to go down and the evening to cool off. I LOVE relaxing outside!
My freckle faced boy!
My three!
Make that four!

Uncle Steve's 50th birthday!

Tommy and I both have older brothers named Steve - this day belonged to his brother. He turned 50 years old the day before mothers day. We celebrated with him at Gran and Papa's house in east Texas.

Lindsey showing off Steve's favorite strawberry cake with 50 candles on it!! Tommy and his brother
Maggie and Daddy
Rebecca, Lindsey and Mags putting candles on the cake while making "my space face"!
steve and tim
maggie sneaking a taste of Lindsey's cheescake

blowing out all 50 candles! steve and maggie

you know you're old when you have to hold your birthday card at arms length to read it!

Papa and Maggie
Gran and Maggie

FHE yard improvement!

OK - I am going to be playing catch up for the next few blogs...

I have been enjoying the weather, and it was my turn for the lesson - so for Family Home Evening a few weeks ago we worked in the yard - nothing too hard, just planting a few bed flowers. Here's some pics:

Maggie spreading the mulch

Tim wishing he could go inside!

Charlie, trying to be a good boy - staying by the door so not to give in to the temptation
to chase the kids on bikes as they passed by! One of the flowers that we planted

Friday, May 15, 2009

New big shots posts...Finally!

Check out our photography blog - we finally put on a few of the sessions that we have done recently. Keep looking, we will be posting a beautiful baby and also a couple expecting their first child!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pa's b-day dinner

My dad had a birthday on March 19th - he had some meetings here in Dallas a few days later and we were able to meet him for dinner to give him his gift (a handsome cedar box from the Amish store) I forgot my camera, but did snap a few pics with my trusty iPhone.

Me, my dad and the kids

dad and his yummy ribs!

OK moms out there - sit down, you may be shocked - Tim ordered a burger, NOT CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!

Tommy's shoulder surgery

Tommy was in a car accident about a year ago. He has been seeing a chiropractor ever since. Finally, his doctor told him that surgery was his best option. We anticipated a recovery time of several weeks and then physical therapy on top of that. We are talking months before he would be all better. For a work-aholic like Tommy, that was NOT good news.
We were lucky to learn that once the orthopedic surgeon got in there, he found it not to be nearly as bad as originally thought! His tendon was only slightly frayed, just a small bit of cartilage was damaged and what appeared to be major inflammation of the tendon was actually just a lot of bursa build up. It should have been about the thickness of a piece of Saran wrap, but it was an inch and a half thick! Once that was wiped clean, he was good to go! He was moving his arm within the first two days, and was able to lift his arm above his head after a week! He was so lucky! He still has some pain and it aches quite a bit, but no cast or sling and no physical therapy!!

oh my! Isn't he so handsome? I know, I am a lucky girl -Don't be jealous ladies!!

going into surgery

after with his cool iodine hand!

May Showers

May has brought rainstorms to Forney in a big way! It rained off and on most of the day, but the big stuff came just as we arrived at the restaurant for dinner. We had to eat slowly and order some dessert to give the rain some time to slow down a bit - as you can imagine, the kids were all broken up about us forcing cheesecake and chocolate cake on them!
The electricity went out while we were eating and the water came rushing in the front doors, which was kind of cool to see!
We made it home safely to find our power out too, so our planned movie night was put on hold. Instead we played a scoreless game of scrabble by flashlight! I wish this rain would keep coming - I love it!

Tommy, Maggie, Zack, Tim

As you can see by our words, we weren't having a lot of luck with big vocabulary!

Tommy, Maggie, Zack, Tim and Charlie

Doesn't Tommy looked thrilled?!