Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quattro Tasti

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best boss she could have had!

Kelsey and Maggie in the kitchen

eduardo (whom she calls edweiner), maggie and josh
Maggie has a job! She is working at a new place in town called Quattro taste,
pronounced 'Tah-stee'. It means the Four Keys (the owners last name is Key)

Maggie LOVES it so much! She loves her boss, Joni, she loves her co-workers (mostly kids she knows from school - and a bonus is that her oldest friend Josh was hired too!), she loves the food they serve, she loves how close it is to our house - you name it, she loves it!

At first when she announced that she wanted a job, I wasn't the biggest fan. I wanted her to stay focused on school, and frankly, still have time to hang out with me! But, now that she is actually working, I see that it is great for her! (and I still get my time with her!)
She and Josh are typically scheduled to work together - mostly because Joni thinks they should date - and both of them can't get over how much fun work is every shift! Maggie works Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. That doesn't leave much time for a social life, but she is ok with that right now!

At Quattro they serve salads, sandwiches - like a salmon sandwich, a peanut butter and banana panini, and my favorite sonoma chicken salad - mini pizzas, pies and the most yummy soups. I hope this new little business survives here in Forney - the food is so yummy that I'm certain it will!