Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday afternoon in the park

Now that our church buildings remodel is finally complete, we are back to attending church here in Forney again - and back to our normal 9-12 schedule. That allows us to get home, have lunch, and enjoy the rest of our afternoon together!
This Sunday we just went to the local community park. I enjoyed watching the kids play and the weather was chili, but nice - I LOVE BEING OUTSIDE!
Days like today make me realize that I can't wait for spring!

Justin, Maggie and Tim on the spinn-ey thing

Maggie's turn!

Justin and Tommy


Happy Tim!

Justin and Tim playing a little soccer

Ok - so Tommy, Maggie and I had a little spitting contest. Gross and childish - i know.
I have marked our individual spit locations!
I worked that spit up forever and was disappointed that it fell WAY short of my spit domination goal.

Try #2 - I got better!

sorry - this would only post sideways for some reason - but notice Tommy's second spit - over the curb and across the sidewalk!

Maggie thought hers was better to be dropped from above onto daddy!

He thought it better to kick her butt!

Again, she shows a lack in judgement!

Realizing her mistake!

Of course, now she was a good target for Justin too!

He's like a cheetah taking down a gazelle!

How cute is my little Tim?

Tired out and taking a breath before heading home.

Really, I could spend all day out at the park!! Good times!

Potato Pants explained

For those who were upset about me not explaining - it's really not that interesting, but here goes...

We were making dinner- mashed potatoes were on the menu. I wanted to make sure that they tasted good before I put them on the table, and so I scooped up a spoonful to try. I little glob fell off of the spoon and went down my shirt. I shook out my shirt and assumed that it had fallen to the floor and been gobbled up by charlie.
Later, when I went to the restroom, there was my missing glob of potatoes - it had snaked it's way down my shirt and into my pants. I can honestly say, I have never had potatoes in my panties before! I feel as if I am a member of an elite club now!

See? Not really that interesting. It's not even very funny anymore, but it was on the day I posted it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's gotten into him?

Last week I shot a casual wedding in Dallas. The luncheon after the ceremony was at Tillman's Roadhouse.
I couldn't wait to go back with my family, so this past Friday night, we went downtown for a (sort of) date. We took the kids along since none of us had ever been to Tillman's before, and we knew it would be yummy.
Tommy and Tim

Justin and Maggie

The desserts were yummy - the chocolate birthday cake was the best according to Tim, but I liked the cookie tower and thought that the homemade s'mores were cool.

The yummy dinner and the fun desserts were not the best part of my evening though - that honor belonged to Tommy - he was in a rare mood!

You can see that by some of the pics that Maggie took of him!

I guess a little of it rubbed off on Justin and Maggie too!

Tim's man purse (Dealy Plaza shoot)

Having a photographer for a mom has it's benefits - and unfortunately for Tim, sometimes it comes with a price.
Tim is often dragged around from shoot to shoot, expected to keep out of my way, my light and mostly my shot!
On this day, he was forced to leave his video game and head into scary downtown Dallas to carry "the bag of tricks" for his sister.
"I'm not embarrassed at all to be carrying a purse!"

"Ok - yes I am. Maybe if I wrap it around my shoulder it won't look exactly like a girl purse. Looks more like a nap sack, right?"

"You know what? Who cares, man? Yeah - I've got me a purse - it's cool!"

He was a trooper - so I just wanted to say
Thanks Tim, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

A few shots from the much too windy day -
we will have to re-shoot when the wind is not so strong.
I'm sure Tim will be there - carrying that cool bag again!

As we were wrapping things up - a group of guys approached Maggie and jumped in the shot with her!
She was FREAKING OUT!!! (as you can see by her face!)

Tim was doing his best not to have a heart attack - he is terrified of the downtown area and those who inhabit it! I think this was his worst nightmare come to life! He did NOT like strangers touching his sister!
It was ok though - they were nice and were just having fun - thank goodness!

Black vs. white, Egg- off!

Last Thursday, the boys and Maggie decided that they wanted pancakes before school.
I didn't have what I needed to make them, so they settled on eggs.
It was decided that Trey would cook them - because he insisted that he could do a better job than anyone else.

We were not too impressed - he said we were too 'white' and that his 'black' way was better! (Trey's words - not mine!)
So Josh threw down a challenge - an egg-off, if you will!

Black eggs vs. white eggs
Trey vs. Josh

Friday morning rolled around and here is how it went:
Trey cooking on our 'white stove' (not gas) using our 'white spatula' (whatever that means...)

Trey's eggs - made with vegetable oil!

Josh's eggs - made with butter.

Chef Josh

Maggie - judging the competition

Ok - so maybe 'white man' eggs are pretty good.
Trey seen here having seconds - straight out of the pan!
Good job Josh!

Maggie's new "friend"

For those of you not on facebook, or myspace, or who live under a rock and haven't heard - Maggie has a new love interest!

His name is Justin, and he is super cute and a really nice guy.
They wanted pics done together - so here are a few - it was about 40 degrees that day and the two of them were FREEZING!!!
We didn't spend much time - just a few shots and our hands were too cold to push down the shutter button!

I love this pic - he was trying to put his ice cold fingers on her skin, and she is laughing REALLY hard!!

So click on the above pic to make it bigger and check out the eyes on this boy! Beautiful!