Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Scout Camp

Its that time of year again - stinky, disgusting, sweaty scout camp week! They went to Caddo Mills.
Here are a few pics as the boys were loading up. At this point, Tim was freshly showered and smelling nice. That was not the case when I picked him up a week later!

Tim and his buddies: Brandon, Payton, Jeremy and Ben

He came home with a little passenger - I'm so glad that you can't smell photos!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Zak is home!!

Several years ago, Maggie attended an EFY in San Antonio, where she met Zak from Keller.
They hit it off instantly, and remained friends over the years. They never lived in the same city, but they made efforts to visit each other for different occasions and random weekends. 
He went off to BYU in Provo and his family moved out of state.
Then Zak was called to serve a mission in Brazil. They kept in touch via email.
We wondered if we would ever see him again - but Finally - Zak has returned home!

A quick selfie at his homecoming in his old home ward. It was SO GREAT to see them together again!

They took a quick weekend trip to San Antonio - I wasn't there, so I only have a couple of photos for this blog! Here they are on a ride at Fiesta Texas.

Again - I wasn't there, so this is the kind of photos they took…

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Its been a long time since Maggie has been to San Antonio - couple that with the fact that my Brother and Mark were visiting my mom - and it seems like a weekend in SATX is in order!

Thank you Alamo Cafe for NEVER disappointing us!

Pretty sure these two are in love!
Maggie and Ethan

The whole gang - minus Tim and Tommy.
 Di, Mark, Steve, Pa, Nana, Me, Matt, Stephanie, Maggie, Ethan and Dave

A second thank you to the bakery in West, Tx for the always perfect kolaches!

my FAVORITE way to cook chicken

waiting patiently for grandpa to cook dinner, in hopes of getting a bite! Charlie and his cousin Mimi

me and maggie and my apparently huge nostrils!

a few of the boys - Steve, Dave, ethan and Grandpa

Beauties - boys are lining up…

looking at the hundreds of selfless they took - just as fun as taking the selfless in the first place!

This should be my mom and dads Christmas card, right?!

Family photo

i can't be sure - but I think this was the clean up after making a most delicious Strawberry/Rhubarb pie!

Together again - all would be right in the world, if only Tim were here.
Matt, maggie and Steph

he likes pickles - he might have been switched at birth

Nana, Steve and Gus

Enjoying the drive home!
Charlie and Maggie

Bishop Akin

While we were visiting my mom and dad, my brother Dave came over - he had just met with the stake president - he let us know that he had been asked to become the Bishop of his ward! 

We are so pleased that he is a worthy, righteous priesthood holder. This is a big calling but we have know doubt that he will magnify it and meet the challenges that it brings! 

He said that one of the things that struck him the most was that magnificent men had been praying about and for him for weeks - including the first presidency. That really is an awesome realization!

It was nice that we were all there and were able to attend church with him on the day he took the Bishop's seat! It was especially nice that Steve and Mark were able to attend with us!

Grilled Pizza - most delicious!

We love to grill, but I wanted to try something different, so we went for pizza. 
I made up a batch of pizza dough and homemade sauce (thanks to Suzie Hill for the authentic Italian recipe!) and we prepared a few different flavors. They were so incredible! We actually did it again the following weekend!

My favorite - grilled herb chicken with feta, artichokes, mushrooms and cranberries

The kids liked the bacon ranch chicken and chicken bbq. Tommy like his classic canadian bacon!