Tuesday, November 30, 2010

iphone dump #3

Tim NEVER sleeps in the car - so I had to take a pic of this rare occasion before we carried him out

another one of Sprouts little gifts for us - this one was alive - only his eyeball had been plucked out!

what the heck is this?

Tim, Midas and Mimi at Nanas house

cutest boy EVER

Tim really has a thing for clouds - this one was actually quite pretty in real life

Tim wants this for Christmas!

a few of the BA-JILLION cupcakes made at my house last week

my house phone caller ID - later we got one that said Morons!

the only pic that I took on Thanksgiving at Grans house - Lindsey, Maggie and Rebecca

Tim in Hobby Lobby choosing things to add to his Christmas list. Too bad I already bought all of his gifts this year!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Turkey Project Update


His prizes - 15 tickets (a big deal in his class), a free homework pass, a necklace pen, a glitter pencil and a bookmark!

Great Job Tim!

on a gross side note - this is what was served in the school cafeteria today:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Turkey Project

Every year the fifth graders at Tims elementary school do a turkey project. The kids are given a coloring book style picture of a turkey and are encouraged to work on them with their families. There is judging and prizes for the top three turkeys. It's a BIG DEAL!!

Tim & Mag working on the wings -
He used plain oatmeal, oats with orange food coloring and marjoram flakes for the birds body.
When he was finished, he said his turkey looked like he had a bad case of acne!

Here is Tims "Rocker" turkey. We will see how he does - as big of a mess as we made constructing this thing, he had BETTER win a prize!
We will keep you posted - we know you are now on the edge of your seat!


Matt & Steph finally got married!!

I will wait to post the really good bride and groom pics until I give them to Steph & Matt. Until then, here are a few snaps from the weekend:

at BRAVO! the night before for dinner - they were given a celebratory sundae!

steve, tim, mark

backstage bridesmaids
victoria, maggie, maria

maggie and her groomsman partner, aaron

wedding party
joe, aaron, landon, maggie, maria, victoria
tim, matt, stephanie, brianna

justin & maggie taking their turn in the middle of the dance circle

grandpa & his girls

victoria grabbed tim into the circle and he showed her how it is done!
seriously wished i had a video camera!

maggie & cousin ashley

both of my kids dressed up and this is the only pic that i got of them together!

mag & my aunt linda

nana & justin cuttin' a rug!

i LOVE this pic of justin, mark & mag!!

tim with my uncle joe!

my parents are AMAZING dancers!

stephi, maggie, maria, ashley, victoria

tim... as usual

the Akin family - that's ALL of us - steph & matt better get going!

my parents with dad's sister linda and uncle joe

justin, mark, matt, steve & maggie

me and my brothers - steve and david
crappy photo (blurry, my eyes half closed) but it's pretty much the only one we have!

my lovely family!
my friend stefanie says I look like a silver back gorilla - i kinda agree!

leading nana onto the dance floor

dad and his sister

tim and his wedding partner, brianna
he was so sweet with her - holding her hand as they walked from place to place for pictures - helping her know what to do.
she asked him to dance in this pic!

steph and her mommy!

It was a great wedding with a fun reception!
We really enjoyed our weekend. Thanks Stefanie & Justin for helping out with the photography.
The temple ceremony was certainly one to remember - I was crying before I even entered the sealing room! The whole room lost it when Steph reached up to wipe Matt's tears! They are a perfect couple and we are so excited to have Matt join the family! He is just what Stephi deserves!