Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This weekend, the weather was JUST PERFECT! So we took advantage of it on Saturday.

Tim had an early morning soccer game in Ferris,

we went to a high school baseball game,

Tim got a hair cut - finally,

we went fishing in the pond,

we enjoyed a super healthy dinner together - catfish and frozen pizza's!

I took the dog for a walk

and Maggie, Tim and their two friends had fun hanging out with each other all evening! (a game of flashlight hide-n-go seek and a movie)

I snapped a few pics at the game and fishing...

above: Tim preparing to take the field for the first time as goal keeper!

below: post game - being recognized by coach for his 1st time keeper position!

The Drifters

a sweet little bird at the pond - he must have been hurt because he didn't fly away

tim's big catch of the day was this tree branch!

tim and his new friend, zack

justin and maggie had been tickling me - zack thought it was hysterical!

the threat: if tim puts another worm on justin - he's going in!

tim feeding the little bird

justin, maggie, tim and zack

justin and mag - i like this photo

he wanted to feed her like a baby bird


i have taken several of these 'tim running for his life' pictures recently.
You'd think he would learn!

Payback for all of his worm throwing - Justin held Tim down, while Zack put worms in his pants!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

It wasn't a real eventful Easter - but relaxing for sure - just the way we like it!


... and after

mag & tim

mag & justin

a hatchling (dinosaur or giraffe?)


tim spelled his name - broke the second 'T'

mine and tommy's love eggs

acting suprized to see what the bunny left for them on easter morning!

tim, charlie and maggie

maggie and me made easter cupcakes - not really very cute - but we had fun!

3D sidewalk chalk is THE COOLEST!!

at least Maggie thinks so!

general conference

It is every LDS mom's dream for her children to willingly sit through
conference quietly - without falling asleep.

My children made my dream come true this past Sunday.
Sort of....

Tim sat still - and got tattooed!

like I said - my children sat still and quiet all through conference!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Ok - all of you who know Maggie, also know that she is NOT an animal lover.
In fact, she STRONGLY dislikes animals. I won't say hate, because that is a very harsh word, but she certainly has zero tolerance for pets of any kind - especially cats!
She doesn't even like our cats!

So it was kind of funny when, while taking a few pics yesterday,
a kitty made Maggie her new best friend!

We were at a small church in Chisholm snapping some photos (that by the way, didn't turn out well - i won't post them) when a dirty little cat came out from under the porch and approached Maggie - she was relentless in her quest for Mag's affection!

She ended up in a lot of the shots - Maggie kept pushing her away, but she just kept coming back until Maggie finally gave in and gave her some attention.

notice kitty behind Maggie - rubbing against her back!

It didn't take long for Maggie to fall for her too!
I guess there is a first time for everything!