Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's a BOY

Steph and Matt asked for a gender reveal party - they wanted to be able to share the news with all of the family at the same time - so off to San Antonio we went!

Maggie had a flight voucher and decided to surprise Steph by using it to come home for the weekend.
I wish I had recorded the moment Steph saw her - she screemed and then they both cried - it was adorable!
Diane (grandma to be), Nana (great grandma to be) and Maggie casting their vote - yellow for girl or black for boy?

We kept the party small - just a few family members - it was mostly for the grandparents and great-grandparents of the baby. A few aunts and uncle came along too. Uncle Steve, Uncle Tommy and Tim were face timed in to hear the reveal!

IT'S A BOY!!!!
You can't even tell that it was raining, can you? Stupid rain - Maggie, Nana and I worked so hard to make everything cute and it all had to be rushed inside at the last minute! Wet food, wet decorations - it still turned out to be fun!

Grandpa Hernandez (great grandpa to be) showing Steph the balloons flying away!

Maggie and Steph are still marveling that there is actually a person in there! I don't know if it will ever sink in!

my fave of the day - this should be blown up and canvased for above the baby's crib - he should know right from the start what he is getting into!

Maggie and her favorite Cousband!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What a difference a day makes!

Tim LOVES his hair long. It's his SWAG evidently.
However, the powers that be over in the dress code department 
at school do not share in his love.

Knowing that he was about to have it all cut off, I took him after 
school to take a few photographs of that swag. 

It ended up being such a drastic change, that I took him out again the 
next day for "after" photos. 
Here are the results: What do you think?

jack of all trades

Tommy can do it all - from manual labor (that was 22 bags of lawn clippings!), 

To baking his sunday school students a giant cookie when 
their birthdays roll around! 
What a good guy!

Spring Fling!

The last time Tim had a dance at school, he chose not to have his photo taken. 
This time, Big Shots did the photos, so I had control of that situation!

Sarah Foster and Tim

Tim, Jack Rossler and some kid we don't know!

Reppin' Big Shots!
Sam Williams, Aubri Wehmeyer, Tim and Cassady Head

Tim and our new next door neighbor, Tanya 

Tim and his oldest neighborhood friend, Michaela!

He's a lover

Tim is a lover, snuggled, kisser, hugger, cuddler - call it what you want, he is always affectionate!

Maggie is…not.

On this day, they sat down in front of my camera and as soon as 
I took the first test shot, he asked her for a kiss. 
She of'course said "Eww NO - keep your nasty lips away from me!" 
He just couldn't do it. 
Here is the struggle documented.