Monday, November 14, 2016

Nana & the Northeast!

My mother has ALWAYS wanted to travel to the Northeast. I've heard her say that for my whole life - so this year I mentioned to Tommy that I would love to take her - just the two of us - and he said "Well then just do it" -  So I did! With Tommy's funding and a big pitch in from my brothers - 
I booked us a pair of plane tickets and rented a car for a week. We saw everything we could think of and stopped in every tourist trap and poked around in every country store in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont! It was a blast!

I'm not sure why we thought this sign was funny - but we did. It was made even more funny because every time we saw a sign like this, we would yell MOOSE! I know - looking back, so not funny - but it was funny that week!

Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

Mom making a few bears - even though my dad forbid it! I guess the theme of the week was - it's just us girls and we can spend how we want!

Cider Mill - probably my favorite stop

Ban & Jerrys factory - Phish Food is my fave

A cheese farm tasting store! We agreed that the horseradish cheddar was the best

Von Trapp Family Lodge - it snowed while we were here!

She jumped out of the car on this little winding mountain road to peel of a piece of bark - weirdo

Becky's Diner had horrible food - but FANTASTIC pie! We know because we tried every flavor!

Lemon Lush was our top pick - we went back for more the next day!

Kettle Cove

No sand on this Maine beach - just rocks!

We made it to Joseph Smiths birthplace just minutes before dark - it was lovely and spiritual! 

Crab for days - literally! I was in heaven!

that water moved much faster than she did!

Her biggest desire for this trip - to find sea glass - we found one small piece that i'm sure she will treasure!

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