Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The State Fair of Texas 2016

Fried Food, Fletchers Corny Dogs & BIG TEX - thats what the great Texas State Fair is all about!
It's Maggie's favorite day of the year - she was so lucky to be home for it again this time!

Tims fave, fried oreos - but  Maggie and I picked the fried chicken pot pie with mac-n-cheese dip as our favorite!
of course nothing holds a candle to the fried guacamole and queso from a few years back!

tim found a piano - surprise...
He played for a while and drew a pretty good little crowd - his sister was mortified

before i hung out with my kids - i took a couple of spokes models along and did a little shoot with them - you'll have to see the results on instagram BIGSHOTSPHOTOGRAPHY13

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