Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Does anyone have earplugs?

I have discovered that we need them in our house - STAT!!!

It's ok though, because Tim is SO happy when he is playing!

Besides, when he becomes a famous drummer, he will spend his millions on me in an effort to repay me for my patience and loss of hearing!

until then - he and his drum set are banished to the garage!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

just because....

i love him - he is the coolest!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sad news

Since this is a journal of sorts - all of my posts can't be fun and filled with cute pictures.

The sad news is that earlier this month, my cousin Tammi's husband Brian Leiss passed away unexpectedly. He was the father of two gorgeous little girls, Shelby and Kendall. We are certainly remembering Tammi and the girls, and Brian's family in our daily prayers.
I am grateful to Tommy for taking the time to drive all the way to Florida on a moments notice to attend Brian's memorial on my behalf.

Christmas in Destin!

The Akin side (my side) of the family got together for Christmas 2009, in Destin, Florida!
We haven't been all together in years, so we had a really fun time!! We all chipped in and rented a great big beach house. I hired a photographer, Ursula Graham, and she took these shots:

Nana & Pa with their grand children

Steve and Margie Akin
(my parents)

My little family!

My brother Steve (right) and his partner Mark

My niece, Stephanie and her fiance' Matt

My brother David and his wife Diane

I am SO glad that Tommy gets along with my family and has such fun with my brothers!!
I am also super happy that Matt will soon be joining our ranks - he fits right in - that is him hidden in the back holding Tim up!

all of the girls

the big strong boys!

(Ya - i know... what kind of Mormons are we that we only produced three?)

Akin Family Reunion 2009

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

spring break 2010

day 1

I will make my explanations about this post short since there are so many pictures....

I took Maggie, Tim, Justin, Carlie and Ben to Nana's house in San Antonio and down to Port Aransas for the week of Spring Break. We had fun...

the above pics were from our first day - shortly after we arrived. We went for pedi's, knowing that we would be barefoot most of the week. Justin was suckered into getting his toes done too - i think he actually enjoyed it!

day 2
the morning we were to leave for the coast - carlie was really sick, so we took a quick trip to the doctors office for some fast acting drugs!

upon our arrival at the hotel in Corpus...

it was getting late, but we headed down to the water
for a few minutes - just to get a quick beach fix!

nana was laughing so hard here!!

justin, maggie and carlie

mag and tim

ben and carlie


it had been a long day - but a camera in the car makes things more fun!
maggie, carlie and justin's legs!

the night air as cold, but the boys insisted on swimming a bit before bed anyway!

carlie trying to use saltwater (a homemade neti pot) to clear her sinuses!

Ok - this was at about 11:00PM - the boys air conditioner wasn't working, so we switched their room - later, we figured out that the one in our girl's room was broken too!
L-O-V-E LaQuinta!!!

check the clock... MIDNIGHT!!!
Officially March 17th - Carlie is 18 years old!!!
a little birthday lovin' before bed!!!

day 3

a full day on the beach!!

we celebrated Carlie's big day with a little beach birthday party -
note the green attire to honor St.Paddi too!!

my crew!

this pic of Tim and Ben is funny to me - so cheesy!
i especially like T's hand on ben's shoulder!

carlie was TRYING to take a nap - maggie and justin thought that was a dumb attempt!

Nana and Gus

Tim and Maggie.
he was a gingerbread boy -he made out better than Ben - who was buried as a buxom babe!

on the ferry ride back to the hotel

waiting for the hot-tub to get heated

maggie, entertaining carlie while she was showering.
(why does she not respect anyone else's privacy?!)

day 4

above - on the road from C.C. back to S.A., traffic was slow (about 20 mph) and maggie was in nana's car just ahead of this trailer. Justin jumped out of my car - barefoot - picked some roadside flowers and ran up to give them to maggie before heading back to my car again. I couldn't get to my camera in time to snap him in the field :(

below - the flowers!
as soon as we arrived back from the coast, we changed clothes and headed to Fiesta Texas for the remainder of the day!

my crew taking our season pass photos - we all made stupid faces in them!
Ben on a CRAZY ride! (top row - right side -short kid!)

Ben and Tim with their carnie game winnings!

acting scared on a kiddie ride!

Maggie and Justin with his hero - Scooby Doo! He was actually nervous to meet him!!!

watching Grease 2 after a VERY long day. Justin clearly was tired (or maybe it was the girl's choice of movie that put him right to sleep!)

day 5

steph, ready to go out in her COOL outfit! She and Matt took off of work to play with us

decorating Pa's car for his 65th birthday

tim wrote - "i don't mean to brag,
i don't mean to boast,
but i'm like hot butter on a breakfast toast"
yep - he is a SugarHill Gang Fan!

my fave pic of Carlie and Maggie

Ben, Matt and Tim - off to bowl! 'cuz thats what men do...

justin and stephanie at the bowling alley/arcade

maggie KICKED BUTT!!!

back at nana's...

nana cooking Pa's b-day dinner

we all played Uno while we waited for the birthday dinner to be ready

My dad, and mom's friend Barbara share a special day!

Yummy coconut cake!

day 6
we packed up and headed home. we needed to get back to get some rest!!